Top Tips To Help you Stay More Organised On Your Wedding Day

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Women often spend months organising, planning and thinking through every detail of their wedding to make sure it flows as smoothly as possible from start to finish. What often goes unplanned for, are small incidents that can pop up during the getting ready process. But, with the right checklist in mind, you can plan for the unexpected and get ready to take on your big day with confidence.

1. Collect the necessities

Finding a bridal tote bag is perfect for storing all of your wedding-day essentials and keeping them in one, easy-to-access spot, so you’re not running around looking for items that you need.

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2. Carry those wardrobe maintenance items

We all know how important the wedding lehenga/sari is for Indian brides. Make sure your lehenga/sari is beautiful as you walk down the aisle by keeping a needle and thread on hand in case there are any loose strands or jewels. You might also want a protective bag to keep it in until you’re ready to wear it. Find the proper support and coverage for your gown or wedding day outfit by keeping a skin-toned strapless bra in your bag to hold your outfit in place throughout the day. Safety pins are also important on the day.

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3. Keep makeup items handy

Many Indian brides strive to wear red at their wedding, as it is a symbolic color. Red lipstick is a beautiful option for bringing the pop of color to your bridal look. Makeup remover and cotton swabs are essential for cleaning up any smudges or streaks, especially with waterproof products.

4. Give a thought to meds etc.

Nervousness or excitement can physically affect your body, leaving a bride experiencing heartburn, an upset stomach or light-headedness. A bridal kit should include a small snack, a bottle of water, some mints, antacids and Tylenol or Aspirin to ease the stomach or soothe a headache.

5. Don’t forget those extra touches

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Every bride is different, so you might think of your own special items that you’d like to have in your bridal kit. Maybe it’s some extra pieces of jewellery, in case you want an additional touch of sparkle to your look, or maybe it’s small thank-you gifts for individuals that go out of their way to help make your day special. No matter what it is, think ahead and don’t stress about the small stuff, but be thankful for how everything comes together to create the perfect wedding day.

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