What to Carry in your Bridal Emergency Kit

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The D Day has finally arrived. It is going to be a life changing event for you. After all, marriages are made in heaven they say. Massive preparations are under way and you have left no stone unturned for the final call. If everything goes on as planned it’s going to be a perfect day. But at times you might miss out on a few essential things that you just can’t do without. Save yourself the frustration and nail the disaster that might take place by keeping an emergency bridal kit ready.

An emergency kit will save you the trouble of digging into your big bag for a small set of safety pins or, for that matter, your favourite lip balm. Many westerners follow this trend of keeping a bridal emergency kit ready and its gaining popularity almost everywhere. While most of the things kept in the bridal emergency kit are already with us, handling them separately helps us to organise them and saves us from petty problems that may drain out our energy. We have zeroed down on some basic bridal emergency stuff, take a look…

  •  VaselineLip balm: This will help you keep your lips moist and you can keep re-touching and reapplying it whenever the need arises.

lip care


  • Safety pins: These will surely come in handy and save you the trouble of asking for them at the eleventh hour.

Safety pins


  • Mouth freshener: This will save you the horror of bad breadth. The humble fennel seeds or sauf could be carried in a small pouch apart from the regular breath mints available in the market.

Sauf-Fennel seeds


  •  Hair pins and Rubber bands: Instead of running around for a rubber band or a few hair clips it would be a good idea to carry one in your kit.
  •  Lipstick: most of the lipsticks (no matter how long lasting they claim to be) do not last that long. It’s always safe to carry one in your emergency bridal kit. Choose a shade that brightens up your face instantly.



  •  Comb: You should always have a comb ready all the time to keep your hair in place and to give it the final touch.



  •  Kohl pencil: This can double up as your eye liner and kajal pencil, in case you get too emotional and your eye makeup gets smudged.
  •  Bindi : To add colour to your face a packet of bindi is a must have in your kit.
  •  Medicines: It is always advisable to carry a tablet or two according to your health condition.



  • Camera: You can take innumerable selfies or ask someone around to take candid shots from this camera, apart from the professional photographer. It will be great fun to see them later on.

Bride's kit


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