Top Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2015

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Jewellery has always been a big part of Indian weddings. And India’s diverse culture has helped wedding jewellery designs and styles evolve in amazing ways. With the exchange of designer ideas from all over the globe, you can expect fusion wedding jewellery trends that combine essence from different international cultures. If you are planning to get married in 2015, you can take your pick from a collection of designs that can lend an incredible appeal to your wedding outfit.


In their company’s yearly Gem Visions report, Swarovski Gems is talking about using the beauty of their gems to craft awesome bridal pieces. Their range of coloured stones are a perfect compliment to Indian bridal colours of red and green. These colours are favoured by most Indian brides. And if you choose wedding accessories with stones set in gold, you have a winning combination. Other than the typical necklaces and earrings, you can also look for delightful wedding rings, bracelets, hand ornaments and even head adornments that are a must for every Indian bridal finery.


Peacock Motifs

Traditionally peacocks are a symbol of beauty and elegance and in the coming year, wedding jewellery with peacock motifs are likely to be the in thing. They can incorporate colours that blend perfectly with your wedding dress. And if you choose embroidered patterns that also have peacock designs, the end result would be splendid. Wedding Jewllery with Peacock Motifs


You could be the Indian bride who would much rather go for wedding outfits in pastel colours. If that is your style, you could enliven your look with jewellery that combines diamonds and pearls. The purity and delicate appearance of pearls has long been used to craft ethnic pieces. And traditional goldsmiths loved to set tiny pearls in a gold setting. Now this is a trend that is once again making a grand comeback.

Cross the Border

Are you searching for a wedding look that is absolutely unusual? Why not look next door? Pakistani outfits and wedding jewellery are the talk everywhere. Pick out some unique wedding accessories like the head piece that talks about Mughal splendour all the way. And you will become the princess you have always dreamed of. And of course, you can combine Pakistani styled jewellery with Indian outfits and a smart wedding hairstyle. Wedding Jewellery with Pearl Highlights

Now that you have the upcoming wedding fashion trends at your fingertips, it’s time to go shopping. Prepare your wedding outfits so you will be that gorgeous, stunning bride that everyone is going to be talking about in the year 2015.

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