What does your Diamond Ring Say about your Personality?

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Since times immemorial, women have been known to love their jewellery. While earrings, bangles, bracelets and even necklaces manage to make the fairer sex weak in their knees, there is something almost absolutely magical about diamonds and diamond rings that manage to win over women’s hearts faster than anything else. However, just as picking a certain piece of clothing speaks volumes about a woman’s personality, a diamond ring also has several hidden treasures that reveal the true personality of a woman.  Usually, when you leave a woman to pick a diamond ring for her, she will almost always choose a diamond shape that is relevant to her personality. Therefore, before you venture to the jewellery store to buy your lady love the ring that will forever find its place on her ring finger, it is important that you match her personality with the diamond shape that corresponds to it. If you wish to splurge on yourself and indulge in some retail therapy in the form of diamond ring purchases, then this list will come to your rescue as well.


1.    The straightforward woman:

Women who have a knack of being organized and love following their daily schedule religiously without any interruption belong to this personality. They love doing the things that they have been doing on a regular basis and generally avoid any kind of change. They enjoy the calmness of their daily life and like to keep things as uncomplicated as they possibly can. For such straightforward women, the square cut diamond is the perfect choice. The symmetry and exactness of the lines and structure of the square cut diamonds signifies the simple and organized nature of these women.

2.    The fiercely independent woman:
Some women love being on their own. They are smart, strong and fiercely independent. They have a no-nonsense personality and do not need coddling and people to appreciate them at every stage in their lives. They know who they are and what they want from their lives and are bold and confident. The perfect diamond to suit this type of a personality is the emerald cut. This cut of diamond is known for its multiple rectangular facets that resemble a staircase. Besides, it is four cornered and works best for influential women who hold high positions at their jobs.

3.    The creative woman:
This is the woman who refuses to follow trends and instead makes her own rules. She loves creating new things and is essentially someone who takes a very keen and special interest in fine art. You will find her coming up with new and inventive ideas that will leave you amazed and your jaw dropped at the creativity that overflows from her mind. For such a woman, the oval shaped diamond best reflects her personality. These also work best for women with dainty hands and fingers and for those who like keeping to themselves and are mostly reserved or introvert.

4.    The vivacious woman:

She is the life of a party. You will always find this type of a woman to be extremely extrovert and social. She loves to hang out with her friends and let them know that she is there for them. She exudes a kind of warmth that makes you feel extremely comfortable in her presence. She is friendly and you will never find yourself to be lonely or bored in her company. For such women, the round shaped diamond speaks volumes about their bubbly personality. It is also the diamond shape that is most commonly preferred by women. These diamonds gleam more than the other shapes and are symbolic of the sparkly personality that corresponds to it.

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