6 Wedding Gifts A Couple Does Not Want!

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Choosing wedding gifts can be a real challenge. But, even greater is the challenge a couple goes through when opening those gifts! After all; no one wants 10 rice cookers, 10 toasters and likes.It could be due to the lack of time or taste or some unspoken rule-book of wedding gifting that such gifts invariably find their way to a wedding. Ultimately though; they end up in the list of unused gifts. Now, you certainly don’t want that to happen to your wedding gift. To help ensure you don’t pick any of those unwanted gift items for upcoming weddings, we have put together an edit of gifts a couple does not want:

Wedding Gifts A Couple Doesn’t Want

1. Dinner Set

While it is absolutely perfect to receive beautiful dinner sets as your wedding gifts, it might become a headache if one receives 20 sets of these with 5 being the exact model. Now, who would want to feel like some crockery items dealer? So, if you don’t want to put your friends in such a situation, try not to gift them dinner sets as long as you are not thinking of designer ones.

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2. Art Pieces

The fake Mona Lisa or the not-so-tasteful mural you have come across at a gift shop that comes within your budget too does not make an exceptional gift option, to be honest. Moreover, if the couple has a very fine taste in the matters of art, maybe, they will expect something that will match those levels. To be on safe side, try not to go for art pieces unless you are aware of their taste of them.

3. Dress Material

While the dress materials for shirt or trousers are not going to give the groom a wardrobe makeover, the six yard apparel i.e. saree will not make the bride stop buying saree for the next one year or two. Instead, in all probability, such wedding gifts are soon going to be reused as gift to another wedding or, maybe, birthday.

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4. Kitchen Appliances

While there is no doubt about your noble intention of helping the newlyweds set up their cozy little kitchen, try and see the situation from their point of view. Every Indian couple receives 5 or 6 juicers, toasters and pressure cookers. Now, who would want that? Try to avoid gifting such obvious kitchen appliances. Rather take the time and effort to find out what appliances the couple need. If not, gift them a gift card which they can use to buy appliances of their choice.

5. Clocks

Think about it. How many wall and table clocks does your place need? 5? 10? Now, imagine receiving some 20-25 clocks! After all, no one would want to turn their house into a clock museum.

6. Upholstery Sets

So, you see a beautiful sofa cover set with amazing handmade stitch work or, maybe, a trendy cushion cover set or just a blanket and you know one wedding gift is sorted already. Hold on! Maybe, the couple has a different plan for decorating their interior that doesn’t match yours.

And that concludes our list of items a couple does not want. Know of any other? Let us know in comments below.

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