Why Australia Is A Prospective Honeymoon Location

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Australia is a very big country and hence, making a decision to take your honeymoon here is like choosing the United States as your destination. It sounds like a very good idea but you are wondering where you should start because few countries have as many different landscapes as this country and even fewer can offer you enough unoccupied open space. Australia is usually referred to as a “last frontier” country and hence, if you want to have a pioneer-style getaway, it offers you plenty of places to cast a line from your desired deserted beach or pitch a tent so that you can enjoy a swim without any disturbance. Australia is a unique destination to honeymoon because it has amazing natural wonders and wildlife. Many wonderful and weird Australian animal species that include creatures such as the Tasmanian devil, platypus, emu, kangaroo, wallaby, koala, numbat, wombat, and echidna have been able to survive because of isolation from the other parts of the world.

Where you can find all the action

1. The east coast

Australia’s east coast is the focal point of most of the activities of this country. Majority of Australians live here, either in large cosmopolitan cities or in small coastal and country towns, and most honeymoon couples usually visit here. This place is also renowned for its coastline that is the source of the beach lifestyle of Australia. If you want unique ocean adventures, you should try scuba diving on the world’s largest coral reef that is off the east coast or snorkelling with the gentle, massive whale sharks that are off the west coast.

Australian Honeymoon

2. The beaches
If you want to have your honeymoon on the beach, you have many choices ranging from beaches that stretch without any interruption for many miles to tiny inlets; from secluded bays to rugged headlands and from honeyed gold crescents to tropical coral-sand beaches.

Jervis Bay’s Hyams Beach, south of Sydney

Jervis Bay Beach Australia Honeymoon

This beach has the whitest sand as compared to all the other beaches on earth; Fraser Island in Queensland is the world’s largest sand island that is populated with amazing ancient tree stands and ringed by towering sand dunes as well as wide white beaches.

Lakes Entrance’s Ninety Mile Beach, east of Melbourne

This Hawaii-sized surf of the famous Margaret River Coast in Australia’s southwest as well as friendly encounters with sea lions that love the sun on Kangaroo Island in Australia will definitely make you swoon for other species.

City beaches in Sydney
These are among the most famous in Australia. The shores hold sleepy bays, surf beaches, dramatic cliff headlands, and secret harbor beaches, all within the largest city in Australia.

Australian honeymoon

Bondi beach
This is the most famous beach in Australia and international tourists as well as locals consider it a mecca. It is only a few minutes from Sydney. Dozens of restaurants help in making this the most cosmopolitan and colourful beach in Australia by adding to the parade.

Attractions for romantics in Sydney
Whether your focus is on Sydney or other parts of Australia when you are on your honeymoon, a choice of accommodations that suits you is available throughout the country. If you are looking for a luxury experience, you should consider a private island resort at the Great Barrier Reef that is known as Hayman.

Australian Adventures

Since no other country boasts of more scenic variety, adventures will come naturally for you in Australia. You should choose from vast plunging waterfalls, Outback plains, forest clad hills, wild rivers, snow-capped mountains, New South Wales’ massive and scenic Big Volcano park, unique wildlife, miles of coastline, rolling surf, exotic tropical islands , 800 bird species, the largest coral reef in the world, or the 25,000 year old rock art. You can participate in activities such as motorcycle touring, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, camel trekking, rafting, canoeing and theme park visits.


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