Get The Rundown on Planning A Destination Wedding in Thailand

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Indian wedding market seems to be on a permanent boom since some time now. The west have rightfully coined the term ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ for it, which is self explanatory. We spend no stone unturned to make our weddings larger than life.  Girls dream since childhood of growing up and having a fairy tale wedding, where they feel like princess and the arrangements are befitting a royal family. Families are spending huge moolahs in a bid to outdo each other. With all that Indian venues are getting saturated and the need is of a venue which offers the ‘x’ factor to an Indian wedding. Hence, international destination weddings have come to play a huge role.


Thailand has all the elements needed to be that special destination. With closest proximity to Indian shores, the frequency of flights is excellent from most metros and the fare is often better than most Indian destinations like Kerala and Goa! The culture similarity, hospitality, value for money etc further ensures that Thailand emerges, as the best destination for Indian weddings abroad. Imagine having a fairy tale wedding on a sandy beach, with blue skies and turquoise water as backdrop. The guest list consists of those who matter and make a difference to you and your families. So you have a day, which would be just yours with a perfect setup, one can ever dream of!


Other terrific reasons are beautiful locations, world-class beach resorts, excellent venues, entertainment and decor options, which truly provides a reason for one to consider the amazing venues in Thailand. Having realised the importance of an Indian wedding, most hotels there have exclusive packages for Indians and are willing to bend backwards with flexible options. Also, there is another key factor, which is any guests delight! A Destination Wedding in Thailand has a little something for everyone…shopping, sight-seeing, water sports, restaurants and clubs, entertainment and dance shows and many more.

Get The Rundown on Planning A Destination Indian Wedding in Thailand


Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand

Indian  Destination Wedding in Thailand

Most people have this myth that a Destination Wedding in Thailand would be more expensive and is only for affluent class. Our research says that a metro wedding in Delhi, Mumbai or Goa could cost much more, if not the same as a wedding in Thailand. The quality and the professionalism found in Thailand locales are abundant, which makes all wedding events a fabulous experience. One can also find multiple different kind of events to choose from. While Bangkok offers a classy city wedding with river as a backdrop, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket offer amazing beach resorts! Chaing Mai can have a lovely mountain wedding, while exotic locales like Krabi and Koh Samui can provide a stunning beach venue for an intimate setup! This is where a wedding planner is needed!

 Planning An Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand  Planning A Destination Wedding in Thailand


A wedding planner, especially one who specialises in destination weddings, is today’s day and age a necessity! Not only can they cater to different pockets but also assist efficiently to save the unnecessary expenditure by directing our money. Think of preparing for your wedding day like building a house. Hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury but a mandate. It’s like hiring a builder and an interior designer is what’s sets your house/wedding apart from all others!

Planners are all about being organised; creating schedules, sourcing suppliers, managing budgets, assisting with contracts, venue management, co-ordinating the day itself… they think of everything you need to help create your dream wedding, and do everything in their power to make sure it runs smoothly on the day, remaining calm and being quick to think on their feet. So chances of having a problem in an alien country are virtually zero! Apart from being resourceful, knowledgeable, diplomatic, a good problem solver, a good company can give advice on correct vendors to choose, and who is available at all times to calm a stressed out bride and family for a destination wedding, where procuring correct vendors, hotels, ground logistics, decor and hospitality etc on own can be quite taxing. The language and geographical barriers can be difficult for a family and that can be efficiently overcome by hiring the correct wedding planners.


Fortunately, it is getting supremely simple to have a dream wedding on lovely beaches of Thailand for most couples now. Just get a good planner and you won’t even realise how simple it can be! There is absolutely no comparison between a wedding in Thailand viz a viz a wedding in India, so if you want something different and exclusive – destination wedding in Thailand is for you!


Author – The author of this guest post is Ms. Neha Mehrotra, owner and founder of Foreign Wedding Planners, a ‘Wedding Specialist ‘ certified by Tourism Authority of Thailand. She can provide A to Z solutions for weddings in Thailand to Indians from across the globe. Her team consists of several Indian and Thai members who assist in providing solutions for different kinds of clients and weddings.




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