Attending an Indian Winter Wedding? Stay Warm Using These Styling Tips

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If you are planning on attending an Indian winter wedding tonight or shortly, but are faced with the dilemma as to how to stay warm, then read on-we have plenty of styling tips for you:

  1. Wear thermal inner-wear where possible

Only if you are planning to wear a backless choli, a halter style blouse or a sleeveless dress then thermal innerwear might not be the greatest idea. However, you can certainly wear leggings if you are wearing a long skirt or lehenga or even underneath your sari. This will keep your legs warm.  Many inner wear brands also have thermal camisoles to cater to the more revealing neckline styles.

  1. Pair up with a beautiful Pashmina Shawl or stole

How to stay warm at an Indian winter wedding

An elegant shawl or stole can go well with the halter dress or sleeveless choli design. Once you have danced a bit and had some hot food, you can even drape it over your arm so that you get a chance to flaunt the dress and its neckline.

  1. Consider long sleeved dresses

How to stay warm at an Indian winter wedding

The ramps this year were full of bridal wear with long sleeves and other winter-ready patterns. We especially loved Sonam Kapoor’s white full sleeved blouse and Sari which she wore to Cannes earlier this year. Similar patterns are sure to keep wedding guests warm.

  1. Layer up

How to stay warm at an Indian winter wedding

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The layered look is very trendy this year and it could even help you stay warm at cold outdoor Indian wedding venues.  Layer using long sleeved jackets made from velvet or heavy silk and brocade work to keep the cold out.

  1. Go in for the Indo Western Look

How to stay warm at an Indian winter wedding

The Indian western design is very popular and trendy for wedding guests to wear during this wedding season. One could opt for stylish skinny jeans or regular jeans or dhoti styled leggings combined with long sleeved ethnic Kurtis or jackets. To raise the warmth quotient further, simply wear thermal inner wear beneath.

  1. Ladies-get help from the male guests

Men can help the female wedding guests by driving them right up to the door of the wedding venue. This way, one only needs to suffer the cold for a short period. (We hope the venue is nice and cosy). Once inside, make a beeline for the coffee/tea/hot beverage counter to stay warm-most winter weddings will have one. Chivalrous men might even offer to lend their blazer/coat to ladies where needed.

Have other tips to help guests stay warm at Indian winter weddings? Then share them with us below.


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