Real Weddings: Couple’s Beautiful Wedding Vows

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We have received a beautiful love story this week.  The couple, Ameya and Lajwanti (Laju), didn’t really expect to fall in love and  had  been friends for over a decade. (Each had a secret crush on the other.) Finally, Ameya gathered  the courage to propose and Laju said yes. They decided to pen their wedding day vows, which they have shared with us, along with their sweet love story and how marriage is treating them today.WhatKnot wedding photography team have done a superb job documenting the day as well as a relaxed pre-wedding shoot.

   Ameya:    The Proposal

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It was a casual chat one night which began our love story (on what we now call as our ‘proposal day’). We started out with casual jokes & never realized that we had also been hiding deeper feelings for each other. We’ve been friends for 10 years but never shared the fact that we had a crush on each other. Since then our chats became longer and brought us closer day by day. Still, I kept holding back from proposing and she was too shy to say ‘yes’ immediately. But the day she finally did, I consider it the most beautiful one in my life.

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Then the plan was to approach the families. We had a small pooja at our place and thought that would be the best time for her parents to meet mine. After almost a month her family decided to meet my parents.

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Engagement and wedding date

4th April 2013, we had our Roka and 5th May 2013 we got engaged. We got married within a year on 7th Dec 2013.

Maharashtrian real wedding story

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An Indian wedding

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How married life is….

Says Laju: The level of understanding between us, support for each other is what we appreciate the most. The most amazing feeling is that we share the smallest things in our lives with each other. We are still treating each other as friends because friends love each other without expectations. And what I like the most is that he never says no to me.

Says Ameya: The love, caring and understanding we have for each other is the strongest point of our relationship. It has not even been a year, but it looks like she has been a part of our family since long. I feel very proud when she prepares food & everyone likes it very much. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

 Says Laju: Right since the time I was a young girl, I wanted a Prince who would treat me like a Princess and I believe firmly that I have got that. He tries to fulfil all my wishes and I know he will do this forever. My in laws are great; I actually feel like I have a second set of parents!

Says Ameya says: I wanted a girl who would keep everyone together & believe she is the daughter & not the daughter in law of the family. I am happy to see that Laju feels the same way.

Wedding Vows

  • I promise my deepest love, my complete devotion and care, through the pressure of  the present and uncertainties of future.
  • I promise to be faithful to you.
  • I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities, to lend you strength for all your dreams.
  • I Thank You for showing me what true love is all about.
  • I am grateful that all my prayers have been answered and that all my dreams have come true.
  • I thank God for your love and friendship.
  • I know that our love is heaven sent and i promise to be here forever and always.

From this day forward you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home, as I have given you my hand to hold.



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