Real Weddings: Jignesh&Vaidehi’s Resplendent Florida Wedding by DKreate Photography

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DKreate Photography might have moved away to the US, but they are still very much into Indian weddings and are also available to shoot in India during the wedding season. You can imagine our delight when Medhavi sent in this dazzling wedding she had recently shot in Jacksonville Florida. Here are the pics from this gorgeous gorgeous Gujrathi Wedding, that was complete with a resplendent Mehendi, a glorious Haldi and an elegant reception ceremony.

Bride and Groom: Vaidehi and Jignesh

Wedding Venue: Jacksonville Florida


The Mehendi ceremony at the bride’s home the day before the wedding…


The Haldi or turmeric paste has antispetic properties. This ceremony is an important part of the Hindu wedding rituals. Not only does it make the bride/groom more radiant for their upcoming wedding; it is an important part of the bridal solaah shringar as well.

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The Mehendi artist sometimes hides the ‘name of the groom’ in the bridal mehendi design. We love this artist’s creativity here  in depicting the bride and groom’s faces in the design.


 Vaidehi gazes  dreamily… she looks stunning in her wedding lehenga..


In many cultures around the world, the feet are seen as the Gateway to a person’s soul. Washing the bride and groom’s feet is done at the beginning of the Hindu wedding rituals.


The Spatapadi-The seven steps that represent the marital vows.

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The Gathbandhan- The bond between the husband and wife…

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The groom applies the sindoor to his bride’s forehead. This is to welcome her as his partner in his life.970613_597619070289974_1347767687_n

The Bidaai or the farewell ceremony is always very emotional for brides.


 Just married!


An elegant reception ceremony the same evening…


The young bride dances with her father!


The couple’s first dance…


Raising a toast: to a happily married life ahead!

All images courtesy DKreate Photography.

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