10 Amazing Mehendi Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

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It is nearly impossible to think of an Indian wedding without beautiful mehndi designs adorning the hands of all womenfolk present and especially the bride. But, finding a design that is unique and traditional at the same time can often be a daunting task. As a bride-to-be, you might have browsed through hundreds of Pinterest boards but might not have yet found that awe-inspiring design. Before you start the search again, here are the latest 15 mehendi trends for 2016. This list will definitely help you to narrow down your search for the best mehendi designs for your wedding.

Top 10 Mehendi Trends for 2016

1. Mehendi Jewellery

There are two types of brides – one who wants her henna to be as elaborate and detailed as possible and the other who opts for minimalism. This mehendi jewellery or jeweled mehendi falls in the second category. Emerging as a hot trend among the 21st century brides who avoid anything too overwhelming or heavy, mehndi jewellery does the balancing act perfectly. These patterns look absolutely royal as these designs imitate the amazing intricacies of Indian jewelry. Try these quirky yet very elegant designs for your anklets, maang tika, haathphools, kadas or chandbaalis.

mehendi trends 2016

2. White Henna Tattoos

You must have surely seen these popping up on your social media feeds – new-age brides and guests flaunting mehendi like designs. But, what is striking is that they are white in colour and appear to be more like beautiful lace pieces attached to the body or hand or feet. Yes, this is white henna which is already on its way to become a rage here in India. Though it’s still a new concept in the Indian wedding scenario, still, brides ditching the traditional henna for this white version will soon be a hatke trend.

white henna trends in 2016 mehendi for weddings India

3. Story Mehndi

Among the hot mehndi trends in 2016, this one is sure to surprise the bride as well as the guests. These elaborate, full-length designs tell a tale, usually, the story of the bride and groom and their journey so far. Some even prefer to paint the entire wedding ceremony in their hands and legs. Done in the most concise way possible, these designs give a breather from the traditional henna patterns.

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4. Glitter Mehndi

Another huge trend among brides in India, these are the mehndi designs enhanced with stones, beads and such other interesting add-ons. Brides who have a weakness for glitters, stones and all the shining objects, this glitter mehndi can be their dream come true. If your wedding attire is heavily embroidered with gemstones or beads then this is your chance to match your mehndi designs accordingly. Make sure your mehndi artist uses a skin-friendly adhesive to glue the stones or beads so they don’t fall off mid-way.

Mehendi trends 2016

5. Side Designs for Guests

If you want your wedding guests to have unique mehndi designs too without costing you a fortune then follow this smart trend. Side style mehndi designs are quick, simple, yet equally unique and elegant as the elaborate bridal mehndi designs.

6. Metallic Tattoos

Bring out your Bohemian self and glam up your wedding look with metallic tattoos. One of the hottest trends this year, metallic tattoos are metallic liquids used as mehndi. It’s perfect for brides who try to stay away from the gaudy gold jewelleries, but, don’t want to look pale either.

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7. Arabic Designs

While the Indian mehndi trends are more of filled patterns, the Arabic henna designs use interesting outlines, thick and highly dense. For the elaborate designs and dense patterns, Arabic henna goes perfectly with Indian dresses. You can get an Indo-Arabic design too. Talk to your henna artist beforehand for Indo-Arabic mehndi designs.

8. Moroccan Henna

Inspired by the Middle Eastern art and paintings, these Moroccan mehndi designs have already drawn the attention of the brides who look for something unique. Instead of the usual floral patterns, these designs use geometric shapes and patterns to create alluring out-of-the-box mehndi designs.

mehndi trends

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9. Multi-coloured Mehndi

These mehndi designs are a rage these days for their vibrant look and colourfulness. Multicoloured mehndi looks like a beautiful body art and adds glamour to the bridal look. Moreover, these riot-of-colours perfectly complement the Indian bridal attires.

10. Stick-on Mehndi

If you are the one for whom sitting in a place for 2-3 hours sounds like serious torture, follow these mehndi trends. You no longer have to go through that hour-long sitting or put the hands up throughout the day, just place it on your body, give it a few minutes and just wash it off.

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