10 Beauty Tips From Real Brides

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Even after all those months of preparation that go into making a dream wedding come true; until you walk down the aisle, you’d never know whether things will be going as planned. This is most appliable as far as your wedding makeup is concerned. To save you ladies precious time you’d otherwise spend browsing Pinterest, we have talked to the real brides who were more than willing to share precious beauty tips for other brides-to-be. Here is an edit of top 10 beauty tips from real brides…

1. Stick to natural beauty treatments

One bride Sunayna couldn’t thank her mom enough for not letting her use anything except only natural ingredients. Her mom made it a point to start her beauty treatment a year before the big day, and that clearly worked magic for her. In her words, “Nothing can beat that natural glow one gets from using natural skincare products or, even better, homemade remedies.

2. No experiments in the last month

Preeti (name changed), a pretty bride who recently got married to her childhood beau, warns every bride-to-be to not go for any experimentation in the final month before the wedding. Any new beauty products, hair products etc should be avoided at all costs.

beauty tips from real brides

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3. Take your makeup kit with you

No matter how famous your MUA is, you must always carry your own makeup kit with you. If you are fond of particular items such as your kohl or blush-on, talk to your MUA about it and ask them to use your own set only,” suggests Kirtima.

4. Don’t overdo it

This is one of the most suggested beauty tips by our real brides. Almost all of our brides agreed on this point – not to over-do things. The trick is to wear makeup but still look beautiful without losing the natural look in the process. After all, you don’t want to look like someone else.

5. Do not wash your hair for a few days before the Big Day!

Before you go “yuck”, let bride Mahira share her secret with you. One of her best friends shared this secret tip which helped her immensely in keeping the hair intact in an updo. Believe it or not, Mahira did not wash her hair for nearly four days before the big day and that little greasy texture gave her hair a good grip. Beat that!

beauty tips from real brides

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6. Internet is not always right

Another vital tip came from Manasi, who got married last year. She said from her own experience “Although we tend to depend on the Internet these days more than anything, it does not always give the correct information. Talk to elders, they may have the best time-tested beauty tips for you.”

7. It’s good spend a little more on a pro MUA

Splurge a little more your MUA”, said Sudeshna, “it’s worth it.”

8. Carry baby wipes

Another beautiful newlywed bride, Akanksha recommended using baby wipes to get that sweat off your face before touch-ups.

9. Pay attention to your eyebrows

“Never get your brows done by someone new except that person is a highly qualified professional,” said Nisha.

10. Be You!

“Be real, be yourself,” -which is perhaps the most important tip which came from bride, Bidisha.

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