10 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

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The post-engagement excitement has subsided and now you are about to dive deep into the nitty gritty of wedding planning. One of the first things you will need to do is hunt for a wedding venue. You can choose one closer to your home or one that is further away (even at an exotic location!). In either case, before you sign the dotted line, here are top 10 questions to ask the venue management before saying “ I do’ to them.

1.     Are there other weddings on the given date?

You might feel great now that you snagged the venue’s most popular banquet hall for your wedding date. It still pays to ask them if there are other weddings on the same day and time. If yes, ask the manager how they plan on directing the guests to the two events. Some venues arrange for large sign boards, but do make sure that is the case.

2.     Will the wedding venue provide a priest/officiant?

Some venues provide a priest or an officiant for the ceremony. If not, you might want to make arrangements for one. The next logical question to ask is whether the venue will provide the items required for the ceremony. Hindu weddings need a havan kund; so if yours is an indoor venue, ask them about arrangements made for fire protection, adequate ventilation for the smoke etc.

3.     Questions about food arrangements

This is another of the top question you must ask your venue coordinator –that pertaining to the catering for the event/s. Ask them whether the food would be served in a seating arrangement or in a buffet style. Also find out the price per plate. You could also ask them questions pertaining to the beverages served at the event/s.

4.     Questions about the decor

Is the decoration included in the package? What flowers/rangoli designs would be used? Will the chairs have covers that match your chosen wedding colors? Will the servers and attendants be dressed in a particular uniform?

5.     Questions about other vendors

Some venues provide all suppliers and vendors you need for the wedding-florist, photographers and so on. If that is not the case, you can ask for recommendations from them about good vendors. You can also find suppliers in your area by browsing through our suppliers’ directory here.

questions to ask your wedding venue

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6.     Question about bridal suite

Find out if your venue has a small room/suite where your bridal party can get their hair and makeup done. Similarly, ask them if they provide lockers to keep expensive jewelry/saris safely while you are busy in the ceremony. Find out if they also have rooms for the groom’s bridal party.

7.     Point of contact

This is perhaps the most important of all questions you will ask your venue manager. Who would be in charge on the day, and his/her contact number.

8.     Questions about the timings

Most venues charge you on a per-day basis and they tend to add extra charges should your party go on longer. So try and avoid surprises in your bill by asking about the per-hour extra rate.

9.     Back-up for rain/weather

This is especially the case for monsoon weddings or if it is an outdoor venue. Make sure the venue provides adequate indoor space in case the weather turns. Also find out the number of bathrooms available for guests. The chosen venue should also have adequate parking.

questions to ask your wedding venue

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10. Price related

Ask your venue when you need to pay the final amount. Also ask about their cancelation policies and reimbursement details should the need arise. Find out if the venue charges any taxes or surprise amounts.

These 10 questions will help you have a stress-free ceremony in the wedding venue of your dreams.

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