How To Plan An Indian Beach Wedding The Right Way

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The beach, the sands, and the sea have always been favorite holiday destinations. And now they are much sought after as wedding destinations too. Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular…after all there can’t be more appropriate witnesses to your “happily ever after” than Nature in all her timeless glory and grandeur.

The perfect venue

You can either choose beach resorts or local hotspots. Booking a resort means most of your arrangements can be handed over to their staff. Also privately-owned beach strips are cleaner and just that – private! However, a public tourist spot can hold special meaning for you. If so, roping in a wedding planner will help you iron out the myriad details—from accommodation to transport to venue, service and ceremonial arrangements.

Maximize nature

Let nature adorn the venue; keep the manmade to a minimum.  Make sure that your exact venue will be set against the gleaming blue water, palm trees, and the shimmering sand. Beach weddings will primarily be evening events, so find that perfect spot where a breathtaking sunset will create the most romantic backdrop.

Park Hyatt Goa beach wedding India

image: Park Hyatt Goa

Keep the décor simple. Touch up the traditional with strokes of your beach theme. Choose a gazebo over a regular mandap. Or then just a simple arch draped with flowers or flowing fabric will also look gorgeous. Shells or starfish bling hanging from the chairs will add to the theme. Candles and diyas will not work, go instead for balloons or fairy and string lights. You can also choose a combination of indoor and outdoor locations for different portions of the ceremony – so that everyone can enjoy both the location as well as the wedding.

Dress for the destination

If you care to experiment, then go the whole hog. Instead of flaming red lehengas, shiny sherwanis and glittering gold, think something more….beachy! Set your style in flowy sundresses or gowns, with real flowers and leis. White satin, georgette or chiffon saris for the bride, and crisp linen for the groom will be just perfect for your beach wedding. The bride can choose embellished flip-flops to complete the look, and wrap it all up with themed jewelry and dolphin, starfish or shell motifs. You can also set a dress code for the guests – pastels, or shades of blue, turquoise,  aquamarine, peach or baby pink to match the environs. The photos will be just awesome!

how to dress for a beach wedding

how to dress for a beach wedding

image: workingbridespinklotusevents

Add an innovative touch

Starting from your wedding invite, add a touch of innovation to the entire wedding. Your invites can have “walking on the beach” or “writing in the sand” kind of imagery. At the venue, you can have a stall that lets your guests pick up sunglasses to beat the sun – a quirky gesture that everybody will just love! Decorate the sit-down tables with shells and other beach knickknacks to further the ambience. Engage local artisans to create sand paintings or sand artifacts as return gifts… so your guests walk away with the same kind of beautiful memories that you have of your wedding day.

beach wedding Indian invitation cards

image: PPKDesigns  For the best Indian beach wedding invitation cards, click here.

Every bride wants a magical, fairy-tale wedding. Make yours just that in the midst of the magnificent oceanscape, the palm fronds swaying in the breeze, and the soft sand between your toes.


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