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Are you looking for a honeymoon destination that takes you in the arms of nature? Are you fed up with looking for a destination and not completely sure? Are you looking forward to spend some quality time with your beloved? We have the perfect destination for you – Matheran. It is a very popular hill station in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. You can easily plan the whole travel yourself without any help from agents. Mumbai is the nearest big city only 100 kms away. The easiest and best way to enjoy Matheran from the get go is a road trip from Mumbai. You will enjoy the beautiful curvy roads through the densely forested mountains. You could even get there from Neral via the toy train or cab. You can visit Matheran throughout the year but we would recommend a trip in the monsoons when it is at it’s best.

Toy Train Matheran

Matheran has been declared as a eco-sensitive area by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. Due to this, no vehicles are not allowed beyond a point. You have to trek your way into this picturesque place. You can also take a ride on the horse. You better get used riding on horses as that is the only mode of transport in Matheran if you are not big on walking.

Matheran is a relatively small hill station but nevertheless has lots of offer. There are a total of 38 tourist spots to see. We have a recommendations for you:

Echo Point: Exciting as it may sound, it it more than just a spot where you can hear your echo. This spot also gives you a spectacular view of the hills near by. It is also one of the very few places where the echo is quite distinct.

Panorama Point Matheran

Panorama Point: As the name suggests offers a panoramic view of the hills, valleys, waterfalls and near by villages. You cannot leave this spot without being completely mesmerised by the grandness of the place.

Louisa Point: Legend has it that the ghost of Louisa is present in this area. This point offers a three sided view. You will also get a sneak peal at the Prabal fort from here. A rock resembling a Lion’s Head is also clearly visible from Louisa Point.

Charlotte Lake: This is a must see place in monsoons. The lake offers some fun and frolic in the water. But it may not be so in summers as the water dries up due to the rising temperatures.

Sunset Point: A must see for the honeymoon couple. Enjoy the beauty of the setting sun with your beloved and make memories to last forever. It is a little far compared to other points but worth the hike.

Alexander Point Matheran

King George Point: The many waterfalls caused due to the overflowing Charlotte Lake can be viewed from here. You will marvel at the enchanting and captivating beauty of this place.

Other points of interest are One Tree Hill point, Alexander point, Rambaug Point, Monkey Point, Garbu Point, Lord’s Point, etc.

Visiting Matheran once is just not enough. You will be spellbound and compelled to return very soon!!

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