10 Signs You Are in Love

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Oh the feeling of being in love…mesmerising, exciting, full of hope!!! You think there is something wrong with you but you are unable to put a finger on it.  Yes-You are probably in love! It is a time to rejoice and celebrate this phase of  life. Trust us- it is the most wonderful feeling that you will ever experience .

Here are 10 signs you are in love.

10 signs you are in love


  1. He is on your mind ALL THE TIME

You can think of only one thing and that’s him. You think about him every free minute you get. You even dream about him day and night. You are unable to pay attention to anything else. Your mind veers back to that special person.

  1. You talk about him

All your topics and discussions begin and end with him. Whatever your friends or colleagues are discussing, you end up directing the topic to somehow include and involve him.

10 signs you are in love


  1. You find yourself smiling unknowingly

Since you notice and remember every little detail about this person, you will often be caught by others smiling for no particular reason. You will reminisce the time spent with him even if it is as a part of a group.

  1. Day dreaming

We guarantee you will be day dreaming. You are likely in a world of your own without a care for anything or anyone else. You dream of what life would be like together. You dream of vacationing with him, meeting him and may be even marriage and kids!

10 signs you are in love


  1. You think about impressing him all the time

You think about what he would like and dress accordingly. Everything you do is centred around  his likes and dislikes. You don’t want to disappoint him at all and hence pay close attention to your dressing.

  1. You miss him

You miss him when he’s not around. Without even realising you start looking forward to meeting him. You even plan to bump into him or create a situation where you will be able to talk to him.

10 signs you are in love


  1. You want to spend maximum time with him

If possible you want to spend every waking minute with this beloved person. You don’t want to see him go. You hate saying goodbye. Even when you part ways, you want to keep in touch through texting or any other way possible.

  1. You act differently around him

All your friends and colleagues   notice that you behave differently around this particular person. You might be flexible or overly generous around him. You want to impress him and want to put on your best behaviour.

10 signs you are in love


  1. You avoid eye contact

You would love to look the person in the eye, but because of your deep feelings, you are unable to make eye contact with him. Even when you do, you look away almost immediately. That one look passes like an electric shock through your body

10. You find yourself talking to no one in particular

You often think of having a dialogue with him. You might even rehearse what you would say to him  when you meet next. You recreate the situations you have been in with him and think of clever and witty answers that you didn’t at that time.

These are the top 10 signs you are in love. Which ones have you experienced? Let us know! credit-n.ru быстро займ иркутск онлайнзайм на карту приморский крайзайм без банковской карты

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