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wedding hair tips

6 Tips for the Best Bridal Hair

Presenting 6 easy tips for great wedding day hair!

bollywood makeovers-ladies from B town who underwent plastic surgery

Top 7 Incredible Bollywood Makeovers

Makeovers change your personality. They not only affect your outer appearance but also help increase your confidence. Any change we bring about in ourselves should help in redeeming...

Top 12 Low Key Bollywood Weddings

Top 12 Low Key Bollywood Weddings

These Bollywood couples kept their weddings ceremony intimate and private. With only a few family and friends in attendance, these celebrity couples announced their weddings to the media...

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Photographs

Read on to take a glimpse at the 6 most promising wedding photograph poses.

Wedding jewellery: To buy or to rent for the day?

Wedding Jewellery: To Buy Or To Rent For The Day?

With increasing pressure to look your best on the wedding day, if you have a lot on your mind. Jewellery may well be the cause for further angst....

Top 8 Bollywood Brides

8 Iconic Bollywood Brides We Love!

There are some bridal looks sported by Bollywood actresses that have made a mark not only in the films but also in our memories. They have changed the...

Honeymoon Style Tips from Anushka Sharma

Honeymoon Style Tips from Anushka Sharma

Honeymoon wardrobe is so totally different from bridal trousseau. What to wear and what not to wear are the questions on your mind. We have styling tips from...