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Shivani is a freelancer who has studied and worked in the UK. She has travelled extensively and reading is her passion. She currently resides in Shanghai, China.
wedding hair tips

6 Tips for the Best Bridal Hair

Everything from your bridal wear to the shoes to the make-up is ready. But you still don’t know what do with your hair. Whether to get a new...

bollywood makeovers-ladies from B town who underwent plastic surgery

Top 7 Incredible Bollywood Makeovers

Makeovers change your personality. They not only affect your outer appearance but also help increase your confidence. Any change we bring about in ourselves should help in redeeming...

Top 12 Low Key Bollywood Weddings

Top 12 Low Key Bollywood Weddings

Bollywood weddings are usually grand affairs. The venues are extravagant and the guest list high profile. From designer wear to A-list chefs for food, no expense is spared. But...

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Photographs

Wedding photography is of utmost importance in the entire wedding planning process The special day lasts just 24 hours but the memories take form in pictures and remain with you...

Wedding jewellery: To buy or to rent for the day?

Wedding Jewellery: To Buy Or To Rent For The Day?

Wedding jewellery can be rented these days, though most brides would prefer buying it. Of course, it is a huge investment. Then there is the matter of design-some  like...

Top 8 Bollywood Brides

8 Iconic Bollywood Brides We Love!

Bollywood films are India’s trendsetters. Needless to say, to-be-brides also take cues from Bollywood for creating their wedding trousseau. There is always an ensemble or two they have etched in their memories which they would...

Honeymoon Style Tips from Anushka Sharma

Honeymoon Style Tips from Anushka Sharma

A lot is accomplished once the wedding day is over. However, as a bride, there may still  be a lot on your mind. You have, for example, the most awaited...