10 Tips to Look Perfect in Every Wedding Photo

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You have put so much effort into looking your best on this special day. In fact, you have hired the best candid photographer in town to capture that look and those special moments. You want an album full of interesting wedding photos which would be fun to go through after a decade or more. Then what is that ideal way of nailing each and every wedding photo? While we agree that looking your absolute best in every photograph might be a challenge for many, there are some tips and aspects of wedding photography which can help you do so. Simply follow the given guidelines below to make you look brilliant in your wedding album.

10 Tips to Look Perfect in Every Wedding Photo

1. Understand the angles

Lift your chin up every time you pose for the camera. Instead of looking straight into the lens, tilt the head a bit. This way your face will look slimmer and the neck longer.

2. Know the right poses

Even if you are a big fan of candid photos, there will be certain moments which will demand posing. Therefore, it is important to know the right poses. Study these poses online and make a note of them. Take help of your photographer to get the final pose right.

3. Adjust your bridal wear time to time

You don’t want to get shot when your lehenga is in absolute mess. It is your wedding, so you will be moving a lot. Adjust your lehenga or sari or  gown before you come in front of the camera. Also, touch up your makeup to give your face a fresh look.

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4. Grooms be careful with sherwanis when you sit

Sitting in front of the camera, facing it directly while wearing sherwanis can be really tricky for grooms. Unless you really want to give the viewers details of the pajama you are wearing; do use a stole or try to sit diagonally.

5. Keep your arms at arm’s length

You might have seen all Bollywood beauties follow this simple rule. They put their hands on the hips and keep the elbows away from their bodies. Ever wondered why? Well, hands tend to look bigger when you keep it close to your body. When you keep the arms away doing something else, they tend to look longer and slimmer.

6. Take a deep breath and smile

This is a simple posing tip to instantly improve your posture and create great pictures.

7. Use the light properly

If you have a day photo shoot, your photographer will try to use natural light to your advantage. Always face the light instead of keeping the light source in the background. If possible, make use of the soft morning glows.

8. Avoid glitter for morning shoots

While glitters can simply spoil the wedding photos, foundations with SPF 30 or more can literally turn your face into a flashing object.

9. Work on your shoulder

Crunched up shoulders do not look good. So keep your shoulders upright and straight, and your confidence will reflect in your wedding photos.

10. Finally: let your fun self out

Don’t hold back. Just be yourself and we promise, you will create magic.

Images Courtesy: Camera Crew

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