Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Photographs

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Wedding photography is of utmost importance in the entire wedding planning process The special day lasts just 24 hours but the memories take form in pictures and remain with you forever. Even if you are not too keen on getting your photographs clicked, you cannot undermine the importance of wedding photographs. After all. you’d be dressed your best and look beautiful. Naturally, you must make the most of this opportunity and get your pictures clicked as the stunning , blushing bride…Today, we bring you top 6 remarkable poses for wedding photographs.

Make use of the following guidelines to have some portrait pictures clicked individually and as a couple on your very special day. Let us discuss three poses for individual pictures.

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

1.The side way pose: Face the camera sideways with one shoulder a little raised. You can keep your one hand on your waist or on your sides as you like it. This pose is the best angle to make you look slimmer. It also gives you a chance to show off your entire bridal get up. You jewellery, dress, draping of your dress, is all visible in this pose. Extra points for this pose for making you look slim and poised.

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

2.The back pose: Ah the film star’s pose! This is mostly used by Hollywood stars on the red carpet and we know why- it is best to show off your figure. It is also suited for bridal wear that has a unique blouse such as the keyhole pattern or backless one like the model in the picture above. You can also show off your hairstyle. We recommend getting this picture clicked before you don your jewellery. A picture in your bridal wear sans the jewellery has a charm of its own.

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

3.The lying down pose: We recommend this pose for light fabric bridal wear and heavy jewellery. Your hands clasped in front of you on a pillow, facing away from the camera. Imagine a princess pose tweaking just a little. It is very different from all the wedding photographs we’ve seen. It is unique and will definitely wow all those who see it in print.

These were three individual poses. Now let us explore three poses for couples pictures:

top 6 poses for Indian wedding photography

image: Erik Clausen

4.The classic pose: We’ve seen this pose in almost every wedding album. And not just albums, this is a favourite for photo frames as well. (We could call it the mom-dad pose!) You and the groom are sitting straight up, bodies pointing the camera but looking away from the camera. It is a timeless classic and you must at least have one picture clicked in this pose. Get it printed in black and white.

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

5.Facing each other: Quite different from the above pose and also New Age is the “facing each other pose”. The couple faces each other, gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly. Neither are of you are looking at the camera. The groom can put his hand around you or vice versa. This is a modern pose and gracefully captures emotions.

Top 6 Remarkable Poses For Wedding Day Photographs

6.One behind the other: You could stand behind the groom or vice versa. This picture is clicked sideways. The groom could fold his hand and you put your arms around him. Alternately, you could both face the camera. You can stand behind the groom and put your hands on his shoulders. You could pose like peeking from behind the groom. It’s a fun pose and will put smile on your face every time you see it.

Use these poses to click your pictures. If your photographer has different ideas, do incorporate them but at the same time be assertive and get pictures clicked in these poses as well. Make magic with your groom and memories forever through your wedding album.

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