2014 Wedding Trends in Decor Fashion And Cakes

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2014 is finally here and that means we get to tell you first about hot new wedding trends that are expected to be seen throughout the year. While many International fashion magazines are already predicting the wedding colour palette for the year, plenty of brides across the country have already started planning their special day keeping in mind the predicted wedding trends for the year. Here are a few of our favourites:


Brides who say ‘I Do’ in wedding gowns- rejoice! Simply because this year sees a sharp detour from all that’s white and pristine to pastel shades like baby pink and beige. For those who’ve always cribbed about the lack of colour in traditional wedding gowns, the good news is that you won’t be slammed by fashion critics for showing your ‘colourful’ side, because rainbow gowns and shades that pop are in this year. Ditto for bridegrooms- you can now take off that traditional black suit and go for a maroon one instead or coordinate your black outfit with a coloured bow-tie.


Another interesting wedding trend forecast for the year says that the wedding decor one can expect to see at Indian weddings will be much more elegant with ample focus placed on merging the right blend of colour, lights and flowers together. Crystals and LED lights will no doubt add to the glamour of the ceremonies as well because couples will be willing to spend more on creating the right ambience and getting even the smallest details right.


‘Fun’ is an important aspect in Indian weddings and this year, the fun goes up a notch or two. Instead of simply focusing on just the newly-weds, weddings will involve the guests as well in a fun way. For example, boring group photos are out and fun photo booths replete with cute props like disco glasses and neon wigs are so in. It allows everyone to have a good laugh and to take back a fun snap too! And with regard to the music- expect to see a DJ at every party because more couples will opt for live music that sends guests to the dance floor. In short couples are aiming for a wedding that will be talked about for days and remembered for many more reasons now!


Last but not the least; the wedding cake will undergo a big transformation too. If last year saw bakers and other cake artists using the humble cake as a canvas for unbelievable designs, then this year will see the wedding cake in a much more humble avatar. Say hello to the ‘naked’ cake and no, it’s not suggestive in the least. But it is a tiered wedding cake without fondant and hard icing which is still high on flavour and which is quite tricky to assemble. According to the 2014 wedding trend, couples will get more experimental with regard to flavour but you will see fewer fondant wedding cakes.











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