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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in South India

If North India is the gateway to heaven then South India is definitely the road to "God's Own Country." Here are our top 5 picks if you are...

dupatta draping styles

8 Dupatta Draping Styles You Would Want To Experiment With

Try draping the dupatta in one of these 8 styles for your next wedding photoshoot!

indian minimalist wedding wear

9 Indian Minimalist Wedding Wear Ideas For Grooms And Brides

Indian minimalist bridal wear is hot and trending. Read on to find out about how sometimes less can be elegantly more.

wedding dance gone viral

Real Weddings: Bride’s Captivating Dance With Her Brother

A really interesting and well choreographed dance by a bride and her brother...lots of interesting details you could steal for your own big day!

marriage mistakes to avoid

5 Mistakes To Avoid Once You Are Married

What are the mistakes that wedded couples should avoid when you are married? We tell you what you need to know to have a successful marriage.

top honeymoon destinations in North India

Top Honeymoon Destinations in North India

Someone has truly said that if there’s heaven, it’s here in Kashmir. Apart from Kashmir, many places in North India can be included in this clause for their mesmerizing beauty....

prenuptial agreement

Why Engaged Couples Should Think Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Finding it difficult to talk about a prenuptial agreement? We tell you why signing one may be the best decision you make for yourself.