5 Mistakes To Avoid Once You Are Married

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So, now that you had your dream wedding and got to wear that special dress you have always wanted, now is the time to wake up and smell the roses. Or rather, the morning coffee. Walking into a marriage with unrealistic expectations or thinking that life is going to be like how they show in the movies is certainly the wrong way to begin your married life. So, what should you watch out for and what are the mistakes you should avoid, now that you are married?

marriage mistakes to avoid

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The first thing you should understand is that you and your partner are human beings, with both good and bad. Just like you aren’t perfect, you shouldn’t expect that your partner behave perfectly either. There will be days when your partner expresses his love for you in many ways and there will also be days when all he wants is to sleep for another two hours in bed. Life isn’t a romantic movie, but married life also isn’t fun without romance in it, so learn to strike a balance between both.

Mistakes to avoid once you are married

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How much space should two people give each other in a marriage? We say that you two should give each other plenty of space, privacy and yet do fun things together as well. Hanging out with each other 24 hours a day will get boring and is also likely to irritate both of you at some point but having a separate set of friends, making time for hobbies and yet finding common activities to do together will enable you two to stay happy.

Money and talking financial matters is often a topic that many newlywed couples avoid or one partner expects the other to take over the entire responsibility. Coming clean about your financial assets and deciding how to divide the expenses that will come your way is one important task that the two of you should take up within a few days of tying the knot. Do not make the marriage mistake of keeping the private financial talk pending for long.

mistakes to avoid once you are married

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A marriage mistake that many couples make is thinking that either one partner needs to make a sacrifice or a compromise in order to make the marriage work. Sacrificing or bending over to accommodate your partner’s request for something may make you feel like a hero, but in truth, it will only make you feel bitter and resentful over time. There is likely to come a point when you may even begin to dislike your partner for having expected you to make the sacrifice in the first place. Sacrifice isn’t the key to a happy marriage but negotiation is. Reaching a decision that is favourable to both partners is the main point to remember.

Lastly, do not make the mistake of taking your marriage for granted. A good marriage needs plenty of work, time, respect and commitment on the part of both partners. And that’s why it’s said that a great marriage actually takes a lifetime and not just a few months or years. As long as you two are determined to make it work, you will find a way.

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