2017 Men’s Wedding Wear Trends You Should Know About

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Trends come and go and this year we’ve seen our fair share of groom wear doing the rounds both on the ramps and in many designer outlets. So what does 2017 hold for today’s modern groom? Is subtle pastel going to be in or are grooms ready to flaunt both style and colour effortlessly without feeling out of place? Believe it or not, but Indian designers are of the opinion that Indian men are ready to stop playing safe and to experiment. So, what are the upcoming 2017 men’s wedding wear trends, you ask? Here goes:

Colour is in

2017 wedding men's wear trends

Image courtesy Kurta Sherwani

Indian groom's wear trends for 2017


Image courtesy Dresses Khazana

Enough with those weddings where the bride wore her best red lehenga and the groom was spotted in the usual beige and brown or pale gold sherwanis. Men look fab with the right hints of colour too and that’s why designers this season are dressing grooms up in bold shades like red, maroon, sky blue and the like. We say that if going all bold isn’t really your cup of tea, you can still add colour to your ensemble by picking a bold coloured jacket or dupatta and pairing it with a pastel kurta. Either way, the hints of colour will light up any photograph you are clicked in.

Trendy Pants

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Mulberry Life

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Reshare

The humble dhoti is said to be the poor man’s choice of garment and yet who knew that someday it would actually become one of the 2017 men’s wedding wear trends to watch out for. It isn’t enough to just wear a normal pyjama anymore with your kurta and when you have some really smart choices at hand, why not go experiment with a look? For instance, dhoti pants are making a comeback and are savvy enough to be worn at a sangeeth or at a reception party. Aligarh pants which look best with a long kurta are also trending of late.

Fabric Experiments

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Gravity Fashion

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Shilpa Ahuja

Silk fabrics seem to be one of the 2017 men’s wedding wear trends that every designer is excited about. And why not? As anybody who has ever worn silk will tell you, the fall of the garment is simply superb and it shows off a slim body beautifully. Velvet waistcoats are also trending in a big way and with the right embellishments or embroidery, it can look truly regal. If designers are to be believed, they are also experimenting around with other fabrics such as wool which is usually never seen on the wedding circuit and have even managed to spin fabric thread from steel as well. And yes, if you plan on going with an asymmetrical kurta cut, silk just could be your best bet!

Prints are IN

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Designers Outfits

2017 men's wedding wear trends

Image courtesy Rohit Bal

If the bride can wear prints so can you, we say! Prints of all hues, patterns (yes even geometric & abstract), shapes and sizes are doing the rounds these days. Going for fabric that is heavy on prints on the upper body will be well balanced by opting for a plain coloured pair of pants/dhoti pants or pyjama. This way, the focus remains on the kurta itself. If your prints are loud, one of the best ways to soften the overall appearance is by pairing it with a plain coloured dupatta. Remember that it’s important to consider your height and body shape before choosing your kurta prints.

Main image courtesy Rohit Bal

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