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social media wedding sharing

Pros and Cons of Social Media Wedding Sharing

Social media wedding sharing is undoubtedly trending in a big way but is sharing all your photos on the Internet a good idea? We take a look at...

wedding apps

7 Wedding Planning App/Websites You Should Use Now!

Wondering what are the hottest wedding apps available on the net right now? We give you details of the top 7

real wedding by Makker studio and Nainy studio Agra wedding photography

Real Weddings: Divya-Nitish’s Colourful & Vibrant Agra Wedding!

What can give about-to-marry girls a better perspective if not the views of a real bride who’s just tied the knot? We are kick-starting the week with a vibrant...

bachelorette party

6 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2018

Wondering what kind of bachelorette party ideas you can explore for the bride to be this year? We tell you all that you need to know.

wedding photographers

WOL’s Most Loved Wedding Photographers of 2017-18

Who were the best wedding photographers on WOL in 2017- 18? We round up the list of the top 6 just for you.

auspicious wedding dates 2018

Most Auspicious Wedding Dates and Timings (Shubh Muhurats) in 2018

Complete list of auspicious marriage dates or muhurats based on Hindu Vedic astrology. Find the suitable dates and shubh muhurats in 2018.

biggest TV star weddings of 2017

20 Indian Television Stars Who Tied The Knot in 2017!

Are you planning to take inspiration from the celebrities who recently got married? Take a look at the 20 Indian television stars who just joined the doubles club.