4 Dos & Don’ts Before & On Your Wedding Day

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Sometimes, it feels like no matter how much you’ve prepared for something, you find that you really aren’t that prepared at all. You’ve probably felt that way  before writing an important exam and chances are that you’ll feel those same butterflies in your stomach when you are about to embark on a new journey too. So, what are the little steps that you can take in order to calm yourself down from inside so that you are a smiling bride who is ready for a new beginning and not a nervous wreck? We share 4 tips you should follow on your wedding day with you:

Avoid Alcohol the Night Before

People often say that the best way to calm the jitters is by taking a peg or two to calm one’s nerves. But if you aren’t a person who can hold down your drink, then we suggest staying as far as you can from bottles of all sizes (unless they are scented!). Even if you do take a drink or two now and then and you are fairly confident of staying calm and alert even if it’s just one day before the wedding, there’s still a fair chance that you may have a hangover the next day. Sip on smoothies, mocktails or fresh juices instead.

Say No to Heavy Food

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Rich oily food is best avoided before your wedding day and the smartest thing to do is to break up the three main meals into smaller ones, so that you have plenty of energy to deal with the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Eating too many sweets and chocolates will make you feel thirsty so stick with food and snacks that are loaded with protein and other wholesome nutrients instead. Keep sipping water infused with citrus to stay cool throughout the day. And yes, now is the best time to avoid binge eating and late night snacks!

Meditate for a few Moments


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When we say the word ‘meditation’, a person sitting in the lotus pose is the first image that comes to mind. But if Buddhist monks are to be believed, then meditation is something that can be practised anywhere and at any time. All you need to do is to close your eyes, breathe in deeply and count the number of breaths you are taking. You will feel calm in an instant and it’s the best way to collect your thoughts and to refocus on the important auspicious ceremony that awaits ahead.

Keep the Gadgets Away

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We’ve become so used to our phones that they are almost an extension of ourselves. But, when you’re going to enjoy this day just once in a lifetime, do you really want to waste each moment by checking group messages, the latest Facebook posts or even giving second by second updates about yourself? We say switch off. And we mean completely. Hand over your phone to a trusted family member who will be near enough should you want to make an urgent phone call. Don’t forget to keep the phone in silent mode.

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