4 Ways To Say Thank You To Your Bridesmaids

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So, now that you’ve decided who gets to be part of your bridesmaid brigade, shouldn’t you also be thinking about how to say ‘Thank You’ to them for sticking by your side so dutifully till your wedding day? Of course, the traditional gift or two is always welcome, but don’t forget that being a bridesmaid is anything but easy. And, when a bride lends a helping hand or two to her faithful girl troop, it says a lot about her!

Here are — fun ways to say thank you to your bridesmaids for all the help, thought and time they’ve invested into making your day super special:

ways to thank bridesmaids

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Hear Them Out

They don’t just want to be looking pretty when the camera is clicking away; in fact they may even have a grand idea or two which you may not have thought of in the first place. So, how about discussing a few of your wedding ideas with them and asking for their opinion on a wedding detail or two? You never know what kind of invaluable advice you may get. Besides, wouldn’t it make them feel important too?

easy ways to thank your bridesmaids

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Treat them to Lunch

Or even dinner for that matter. This is especially a good idea to consider if your bridesmaids are flying down or travelling just to be with you on your big day. Consider having a themed all girls party which is guaranteed to be loads of fun. You could make them the highlight of the evening by handing out little gifts that have been bought specially for them. By making them feel welcome, you’ll also enhance the bonding between each of your bridesmaids. If you can cook, there’s nothing that touches the heart more like a home cooked meal.

Pay for Their Make Up

Being a bridesmaid isn’t exactly easy on the wallet and if your girls have chipped in money to pay for a grand bachelorette party just for you, taking care of their ensemble and their make up on D-day is one of the sweetest gestures you could make on your part. Everybody likes to look their best in front of the camera and by taking care of their final look on the wedding day, you also ensure that your girls look their best. Talk to your stylist about individual hair styles and make up looks that will suit each of them. In fact, why not consider a mini trial session at least one week before the wedding as well?

ways to thank your bridesmaids

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Little Gifts

If you would like to go with just one gift to show your appreciation but you’re unsure about individual tastes, then gift vouchers for online sites are a great idea to consider. In fact, we would suggest putting together a little girl hamper for them which also includes chocolates, scented candles, perfumes, make up and a nice hand written letter by you showing your appreciation. Bottles of wine or even home-made spreads make nice gifting options too.

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