4 Unique Flower Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

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Flowers play an important role in Indian weddings.  From the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the festivities, flowers are used in various ways.  In lieu of a veil, the hair of the bride is braided with flowers and pearls.  Flowers are also worn around the wrist as accessories.  Before the start of the wedding, guests hold a sheet of flowers to welcome the bride as she walks towards her groom.  During the ritual, couples offer flowers to the deities to request for an abundant married life.  Blooms also serve as decorations to the mandap (an erected canopy that serves as an altar on wedding ceremonies) and to the shamianas (tents for respected guests).  Since flowers create an accent to the entire venue, the chosen decorations should complement each other.  Indian couples can consider some elements when planning for an incredible floral ornament:

1. Colour

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Colour has much significance in Indian weddings.  The use of a consistent colour palette, usually of two shades, highlights a unique theme wedding.  A blend of red and gold has been the traditional theme in matrimonial ceremonies because it symbolizes opulence.  On the other hand, other combinations have emerged in these modern times: purple and white, green and brown, orange and fuchsia, etc.

2. Fragrance

The fragrance of the flowers affects the mood of guests.  Thus, selected flowers should add an exuberance to the occasion.

3. Symbolic value

For Hindus, flowers symbolize positive sentiments.  On the contrary, some flowers should be avoided because they can be associated with negative vibes.  These are the top popular blossoms, which are normally used in Indian Weddings:

  • Jasmines symbolize good fortune, prosperity and a promise of everlasting love between wedded couples.
  • Marigolds symbolize auspiciousness and trust in the divine. To honor a guest, marigolds are worn as garlands.
  • Roses usually symbolize love and affection. In India, they also symbolize worship.

4. Design

In floral decorations, the mandap should be given much importance because it is where the wedding rituals take place.  Mandap typically has a cover on top with pillars supporting the canopy.

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Here’s a suggestion of flower decoration for nuptial:

  • For a morning ritual, a net of garlands made of marigolds is suitable for the mandap because the natural sunshine can produce a brilliant shade on the flowers.
  • Marigolds come in different colors which can be yellow, white, orange, or a combination of both. Even though they have a strong pungent odor, they are commonly used during celebrations because they give a vibrant energy to the occasion.
  • These flowers are robust and still fresh even after they are cut. After the main canopy has been fully covered with Marigolds, one can mix the flowers with crystals and fabric.
  • The pillars should be fully covered by flowers to emphasize the color of the mandap. Also, individual chains of floral can be hung from the canopy.

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