Significance of Auspicious Flowers in Indian Weddings

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Flowers have played a very important role in Indian weddings and other auspicious ceremonies for centuries. Besides having many mythological references, certain flowers over time became associated with ‘good fortune’, ‘a happy occasion or celebration’ and were also considered auspicious. South Indians in particular love eye-catching flower displays and great care is always taken to use only fresh flowers for all auspicious occasions. We take a look at  three different flowers that take centre stage at most Indian weddings:


Marigolds: These warm, brightly hued flowers can be spotted at almost every wedding conducted throughout the length and breadth of India. Besides, adding a touch of colour to the venue, this humble sweet-smelling flower also signifies prosperity and wisdom in the Hindu scriptures. Thanks to the rich and bright shades of yellow and orange, these flowers are also believed to radiate plenty of good positive energy. In fact, marigolds are believed to ward off evil spirits and symbolize blessings from the gods for the newly- wed couple. These flowers are often intertwined with roses as well to create  eye-catching and colour contrasting flower displays.




Jasmines: If you attend any South Indian wedding, chances are that you will find sweet smelling fresh jasmine garlands everywhere. You’ll even find the bride wearing a few strings of freshly plucked jasmine in her hair! Just a handful of jasmine flowers are enough to perfume a room within minutes. These feminine flowers stand for good luck, purity and happiness making them an important part of any ceremony or wedding. Coincidentally, jasmines are also considered auspicious in many other countries across the world although the same can’t be said about marigolds!


Roses: A South Indian wedding would be incomplete without a pristine rose or two peeking out from an elaborate flower display. Roses are available in so many varieties and colours, thus giving florists ample reasons to get really creative with venue decorations. Going by tradition, red roses signify passionate love, pink for happiness, white for purity and yellow for both friendship and happiness. Pure rose garlands, rose bouquets as well as mixed flower displays are quite common and easily catch the eye.

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