4 Ways to Step Up and Be The Best Best Man!

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how to be the best best man

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One of the greatest opportunities for a best friend or sibling to support their friend is to stand by them at their wedding. Throughout the entire wedding, the best man has plenty of opportunities to support the groom and help the process run more smoothly. With all the stress of planning an Indian wedding, the groom is definitely going to feel overwhelmed, which is where the best man comes in. Check out some of these ways the best man can step up and leave a legacy of being the best best man.

1.  Make sure his look is wedding-ready

Contrary to popular belief, the groom cares as much about his appearance as the bride does, but he might not feel motivated enough to get wedding-ready months in advance. As the best man, you can step in to ensure that he’s confident in his wedding look by ensuring that he preps his physical health months ahead of time. Encourage him to address any physical insecurities that he’ll want to have handled before the wedding like thinning hair or discolored teeth. For example, you can advise him to speak with a doctor who can prescribe a treatment that prevents hair loss for thinning locks or a dentist who can recommend a natural teeth whitening kit for a fading smile. Taking care of any insecurities will ensure he’s confident in his look on the big day, so make sure he’s on top of his appearance despite the wedding planning chaos.

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2.  Be the stress-reliever

We’ve covered that the wedding can be particularly exhausting for the groom, so it’s the best man’s duty to take some of the pressure off. It’s important that the groom takes a step back every once in a while and does something that takes his mind off of the wedding. When you start seeing the wedding stress getting the best of him, schedule a healthy guys’ night out where you do some of your favorite activities. When he seems bombarded with wedding errands, tag along with him and offer a helping hand. On the day of the wedding, bring a couple of activities to brighten the mood or even a couple of drinks. You know the groom the best, so keep an eye on him and lighten the load in any way you can.

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3.  Keep everyone on schedule

Whether it is months before the wedding, or right up to the ceremony itself, the best man is in charge of the groomsmen and in making sure that they’re where they’re supposed to be at the right time. You’re there to make sure that they’re at their fittings and all the celebrations and traditions leading up to the wedding. The day of the ceremony, make sure that the groomsmen are all appropriately dressed and on schedule with the typical Indian wedding timeline. Keep the groomsmen in line and focused on the task at hand in order to guarantee the groom has nothing to worry about but getting himself to the altar.

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4.  Write a creative speech

In Indian weddings, a speech by the best man isn’t compulsory but many modern grooms are including this tradition in their wedding these days. A wedding speech is your opportunity to give the guests an idea of how much the groom means to you and all your friends. A good best man speech consists of some funny stories, some praise of the groom, and how the newlywed’s involvement in your life has made you a better man. Don’t forget to thank not only the guests for listening but also the couple for making you a part of one of the biggest days in their lives. If you’re nervous about giving a speech in front of a crowd, try some methods for stress-free public speaking, and remind yourself to take a breath and enjoy the moment.

Be very grateful that you get to be a part of such a magical day for the newlyweds. Take in every moment and support your friend throughout the whole process. Maybe he’ll get to do the same for you someday, and you can both sit back and reminisce on the happiest moments from your weddings.

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