5 Beauty Oils Every Bride Must Use

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Why are essential oils considered so important in aromatherapy and even in Ayurveda? Besides, being extracted naturally from plants, many essential and carrier oils have distinct properties which work directly on the skin to help get rid of a host of ailments. If you are prepping for your big day which is just around the corner, then now is a good time to make essential and carrier oils a part of your daily beauty regime. Here are our top 5 picks in beauty oils:

Coconut Oil

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Take a trip down south and you’ll find that coconut oil is a staple in all Kerala households. The fact that coconut oil is used lavishly not just in the cuisine but is also used to maintain hair length and lustre, says a lot about the brown nut. Its anti-bacterial properties ensure that one’s skin stays acne and pimple free for life. Put a few dabs of virgin coconut oil on some cotton and wipe your face with it just before you say good night. It removes any trace of makeup so effectively. Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oils to mix strong and concentrated essential beauty oils with.

Almond Oil

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With its high Vitamin E properties, almond oil can be used directly on the skin or in combination with a face pack. This carrier oil makes your skin much more supple and soft within a few applications and works wonders in treating under eye dark circles. In fact, we recommend swapping your creamy body lotion with almond oil instead because it is instantly absorbed by the skin, is mild in nature and lightens any skin tan. Plus, don’t forget to add a few drops of almond oil to your weekly hair massage routine as well. Simply heat a small container of almond oil mixed with your usual hair oil brand and apply directly to the hair and scalp. It will give your mane a nice sheen and keep it soft too. Add a few drops of rosemary, tea tree or lavender essential oils to almond oil for a wonderful hair and skin beauty treatment.

Argan Oil

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Consider this wonder oil to be a gift from Morocco to the world. Argan oil which is extracted from the fruit of the same name has wonderful hair and skin properties. In fact, so nourishing is the oil that it is often used by reputed salons in hair spa treatments to treat damaged hair and in face pack treatments for healthy glowing skin. Brides with oily skin who may be hesitant to try essential oils thinking that the oiliness in the skin is only likely to increase, should try applying a few drops of argan oil directly to the face at bedtime. Plus, its wrinkle busting properties mean that it can be massaged on to the neck as well and left overnight. It also has mild skin lightning properties. Argan oil is another wonderful carrier oil for all your essential oil massages.


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Its sweet smell is undoubtedly its biggest USP and that’s why lavender oil is the world’s favourite essential oil. Whether you prefer to use it in a diffuser or add a few drops directly to your pillow, you will find that lavender oil helps to clear any nasal congestion as you sleep and makes your dreams much sweeter. Studies have proved that people who slept off with the scent of lavender nearby slept better, had a restful night and woke up happier too. Lavender oil can be applied directly on skin types ranging from normal to dry. It has proven to be effective in treating oily skin too and can heal blemishes.

Olive Oil

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With a huge concentration of naturally occurring Vitamin E, olive oil is excellent for nourishing the skin , for lightening uneven skin tone and for getting rid of tan. It helps to fight a range of skin ageing symptoms such as dark circles, crow’s feet and wrinkles and further studies are being conducted into understanding if direct application of olive oil can help in fighting skin cancer. This essential oil also works wonders for dry rough hair and there are many masks and hair packs that can be made just by using ingredients from one’s kitchen. Yoghurt, mashed bananas and honey are three such ingredients which work superbly with olive oil for both the hair and face. This carrier oil is also a wonderful oil to mix your aromatherapy essential oils.

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