5 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Bridal Nails

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We girls feel on top of the world when our finger nails are looking healthy, shiny and bright. Finger nails which were once given the least importance when it came to getting dolled up on the wedding day are today given their due importance in makeovers. Besides, when the camera zooms in on your long, dainty fingers, wouldn’t you rather have a pair of gorgeously manicured finger nails than a set which look like they were chewed on by a werewolf?

manicured finger nails

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So, how and when exactly should you begin your manicure routine so that your hands look super lovely on the day that matters most? We recommend making a serious effort to avoid biting your finger nails (if you do that have that habit) and to avoid bringing your hand anywhere close to your mouth at all. If you’ve never really had long finger nails before but you’re quite certain you want a long-nailed look on your wedding day, then it’s advisable to start growing and filing your nails at least a few months in advance before D-day. Taking care of long finger nails properly, making sure that they feel loved and stay unchipped does require some practice. Make applying a hand and nail moisturizer everyday a habit and ensure that the skin around your nails stays firm and fresh. Don’t forget about getting your daily dose of vitamins and while on the subject, a second helping of body building proteins wouldn’t hurt either.

manicured finger nails

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Here are a few tips on how to keep your manicured finger nails looking gorgeous on your wedding day:

  1. Ensure that you are careful when bathing because when your hand is left wet for a long period of time, there are chances that your finger nails will bend slightly. Keeping them dry ensures that your manicure lasts longer too.
  2. We suggest going with a soap or hand wash that is made from natural products and avoiding any product with alcohol (yes, hand sanitizer included) as alcohol chips away at the nail polish and makes it look dull.
  3. Don’t decide which colour nail polish you would like to wear on your wedding day itself. Trying a few nail shades at least a few days before your wedding will give you an idea about what suits you the best.

manicured finger nails

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4.   Nail art is trending among brides these days but we advise staying away from a look that involves the use of add-ons like glitter, sequins, rhinestones or even mini bindis. You will be busy meeting and greeting people on your wedding day and there’s a good chance that these add-ons just may come out or rub off as well.

5. So, which colour is the one that’s guaranteed to look gorgeous on your finger nails? Go with a subtle shade that will blend with both a light coloured wedding dress or with a dark one. If you can choose a nail polish that has a slight hint of shimmer to it, that’s honestly all the art effect your nails need to stand out. And besides, even if there’s a small chip, you’ll hardly even notice!

manicured finger nails

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