5 Common Wedding Day Fears and How to Overcome Them

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So the day has finally arrived: today is the day you have dreamed of since you-can’t-remember-when. It’s your wedding today and, despite trying hard, you were unable to fall asleep the night before. The sun is up and you are all dressed up to perform the morning rituals. But, why is nobody coming? It’s almost the Muhurat time and not a single relative or friend has shown up. Now you are tensed, and sweating profusely: could you and your family have accidentally  put the wrong date on the invitation cards? No!!! Wait!!! You suddenly feel like a jerk as you see your mom standing in front of you with your tea. Thank God! It’s just a nightmare! . The wedding day is still weeks away.

If you have been experiencing something like this, don’t worry. You are not the only one having such nightmares, there are probably thousands would-be-brides who are also facing this.

Fear1: Will I look perfect?

Yes, you have already given it a number of trials. Still, you are not sure whether the saree or lehenga will look good on you. The makeup artist you have selected seems to be quite amazing with his job, at least his Facebook page says so. “But, will he be able to give me that perfect look?” “How will I look finally?” “Hope I will not forget anything important like the clutch or that nose ring.”

Solution: Do not worry. Have faith in yourself and the makeup artist. They know what shades/hair style/eye makeup will look good on you. And, to make sure that you have all the wedding dress and accessories handy, keep them all together in a particular suitcase so that they won’t go missing.

Fear2: Will everything go as I thought it would be?

Well, this is one of the gripping fear of every bride. You might have played the whole wedding day thousand times in your mind. But, still you are worried.

Solution: More than solution, we can give you a suggestion. Try to distribute the major tasks like welcoming guests, taking care of the groom’s relatives and friends, looking after the food arrangement, parcels etc to different reliable and responsible relatives or friends who, you know, will do their best. Plan it with those people beforehand.

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Fear 3: Will the catering company serve good food?

Also, will there be enough food to serve all the guests including some more unexpected guests?
Solution: Yes, this could pose a practical problem yet most experienced caterers are able to give you the right estimate as to how much to order based on the guest list. So don’t worry. If it helps, always try and order a bit more than necessary.

Fear 4:  Will the perfect weather last?

Especially, if it’s a rainy season or there is a sudden depression.

Solution: It’s not in your hand. The most you can do is arrange the outdoor functions in a well-covered area.

Fear5: Will I commit any serious blunder?

Such as those Sanskrit slokas and chants. Or, just anything that people may laugh at or find weird for a bride.

Solution: We know it’s difficult, but try to keep your mind calm and composed. We make blunders when too much worried or in a haste.

So, what was your biggest wedding day fear? Come and share with us your stories and help the future brides to understand and overcome them.

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