5 Fabulously Fun First Date ideas

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So you are meeting your fiancé/ soon-to-be-better-half on a first date? Then read on, we have some fun first date ideas that can make it an exciting one.

  1. Meet over food– This is perhaps the most common first date idea since there is no better way to get to know someone than over food. Take him/her out to dinner or lunch or simply meet over coffee or ice cream. (Dating gurus recommend meeting over lunch and in broad daylight than over dinner, since it is more relaxing meeting in the morning than at the end of a long day after work). Coffee and ice cream dates are other fun ideas and they can help you relax around each other especially if you are still in the “get-to-know-each other” phase.
  2. Go on a picnic– Many people like to have their first date at a sporting event or a movie. But these are crowded places where you cannot hear each other let alone talk to each other. It is better to take a nice quiet picnic lunch at a park or in a public garden where it is nice, breezy and casual and you can be yourself completely. Experts feel that couples are “more likely to hit it off instantly” in open green spaces than in formal restaurant settings. Other options include a zoo or wildlife theme parks as they are both fun and relaxing.
  3. Visit the museum– If you both have an interest in Art or history, then the Art gallery or a museum can be a good place to start your potential relationship in. Both these options are perfect “go-between” venues; they have enough people around without being overcrowded, (especially if you go on weekday mornings) and perfect for helping you discover your mutual likes and dislikes.
  4. Take a trip to the Mall– Guys; this is a great way to know if your date is a shopaholic! Jokes apart, most malls allow plenty of places for you to walk around and you will get many ideas and topics to talk about as well. Malls also have restaurants and cafes so you can decide to pop inside one should you get tired after all that strolling around. Malls, when not too crowded, can keep your first-date pressure-quotient low.
  5. Other first date ideas– How about going to a bookstore or playing an indoor video game if it is raining outside? Or a tourist hot-spot neither of you has visited in town? Other fun ideas for first dates include: eating in, taking a cooking class together, going for a jog or walk (or going to the gym or an introductory Yoga session- if you are both fitness freaks). The bowling alley and pool-table joints are some other exciting first date ideas where available.


Have any other first date option for other couples-to-be? Share them with us below!

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