5 Lipstick Shades That Suit Every Indian Skin Tone

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Choosing the right lipstick shades suitable for Indian skin tones can be really confusing; different people have different opinions. We cannot actually blame them. Indian skin tones indeed vary drastically from very fair complexion to darker or wheatish ones. In between too, there may be innumerable shades, thus making it rather difficult to pick a universal shade that suits all. Today, we will try to solve this dilemma and come up with an exclusive pick of 5 lipstick shades suitable to every desi skin tone.

5 Lipstick shades to make any Indian woman look gorgeous and beautiful

Before we start with the list, let us throw some light on a relatively common confusion regarding lipstick shades Are there only a few shades which actually suit Indian skin tone? Well, the reality is far more fascinating than what you are expecting. In reality, researchers and beauty experts say that every colour on earth suits Indian skin tones.

Let’s begin with the list-

1. Deep Berry Color

With a subtle hint of purple, this deep berry colour looks amazing on Indian skin tones. Lots of women may, at first, feel uncomfortable choosing this shade, but, once you get a hang of it, it will become your favourite in no time. If you pick a glossy one, this is what it will look like after a couple of hours-

lipstick that suits every Indian skin tone

2. Bright Fuschia Pink

A must-have choice for the Indian working woman. This day to night lipstick shade is perfect as office-wear as well as for after-work parties. The matte version goes very well with Indian skin complexions. So, next time, you have a corporate meeting, wear the matte bright fuchsia pink lipstick shade for a killer impact.

bright fuchsia pink


3. Pinky Brown

Girls love pink. But many Indian girls stay away from this shade in lipsticks fearing it might not look good on them. In reality, anybody can easily pull off a shade like pinky brown. This is one of the few lipstick shades that look flattering on every Indian skin complexion.

lipstick shades that suit every Indian skintone


4. Bright Red

Red is women’s’ ultimate fantasy when it comes to lipsticks. But, as this colour is available in a huge range of varying shades, people get confused as to which one to opt for. Bright red is the answer. No matter how fair or wheatish or dark skinned you may be, this bright red shade can instantly turn you into a diva!

bright red lipstick


5. Mocha

Warm and seductive, mocha is another must have for your cosmetic kit. For every Indian woman, mocha is the fallback colour. It goes equally well with Indian as well as western attires.

best lipstick shades to suit every Indian skin tone



Let us know your favourite lipstick shade in comments below!!

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