Wedding Therapists and You- Part 1

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Would you believe it if we told you that many brides all across the world talk about their wedding day as one of the most stressful days of their lives? Sure, hunting for the perfect saree and the right pair of Jimmy Choo’s is always fun but along with that is the pressure to look great physically, to listen to advice (often conflicting) from elders, the stress of doing justice to every ceremony and to top it all; to wear a 100 watt smile every minute of the day. Not surprisingly, even as they say their vows, most brides fuss about how they look or if a single strand of hair is out of place without actually giving much importance to the significance of the day itself. Your wedding day is after all the beginning of a new relationship and also about becoming part of a new family.



It is after the photographers have packed their equipment and the last slice of wedding cake has been eaten that the truth hits home for many brides- they are actually married and from this day forth, everything is about a partnership. It is at this point that some new brides have a break-down, feel that they haven’t been prepared well enough mentally for a married life or even begin to think that they married too early and should have waited instead. Having such doubts at the onset of a new married life is likely to give rise to further problems eventually.




Let’s pause and rewind. Wouldn’t you like to be the bride who eagerly looks forward to not just the ceremony but also to the exciting days with your partner that lie ahead? Wouldn’t you like to know what your partner expects from marriage and to share your views with him before you actually tie the knot? Wouldn’t you like to know what married life after the honeymoon is really all about? Enter a wedding therapist or pre- marriage counsellor. Yes, it is true that ‘counselling’ as such is often looked upon with a frown (because only couples who have serious marital issues are thought to visit counsellors) but it is wiser to get expert help before taking the leap. This way you have a higher chance of writing your own success story.




Wedding therapists are often in demand in countries like the US where having the perfect fairy tale wedding can often leave a bride feeling highly stressed out. In India however, counselling can also include other members of the family who too will be making their fair share of mental and emotional adjustments as new members are added to both respective families. In our next two articles, we take a look at why you and your partner need to seriously consider approaching a wedding therapist before your big day and we will also give you tips on what you both should ideally discuss with your therapist. So stay tuned.


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