5 Things you can save Wedding Money On

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1. Wedding attire

As a bride you want to look splendid on your wedding day. You are ready to spend whatever it takes as long as it makes you feel beautiful. But think for a minute. How many times after the wedding do you wear that dress, sari or lehenga again? Not more that 2 or three times, sometimes not even once. You can save a lot of money on the wedding attire by restricting your budget. Other ways would be exploring the local markets or DIY solutions.

5 thingse wedding money on you can sav

2. Expensive venue

For a parent, a daughter/son’s wedding is a landmark in life. They will leave no stone unturned to make it a lavish affair. Impressing guests and the in-laws brigade is top priority. Most spend unthinkable amounts on the venue. Some venues come with food and other arrangements. But with a little research, you can find venues that are not so overpriced. Simply look for a basic venue and add things like catering, decorations as per your requirement.

5 thingse wedding money on you can sav

3. Make-up artist and hairstylist

There is always a friend who looked stunning on her wedding and you want her make-up artist and hair stylist for your D-day as well. But the same crew may not be able to do such a fabulous job on you. You can get a trial for your own make-up or even get help from friends and family. There are many hidden talents of relatives that we are unaware of. As for the wedding hairstyles, you can always get accessories from the market and do it yourself.

5 thingse wedding money on you can sav

4. Guest list

In Indian culture, it is quite common to invite even the mere acquaintance for one’s wedding celebration. This inevitably increases the cost of the wedding. Many of these guests don’t even turn up for the wedding, thus resulting in wastage of food as well. It is better to keep the guest limited to close friends, relatives and people who are really interested in this celebration.

5 thingse wedding money on you can sav

5. Menu and food arrangements

In the last decade, there has been an increase in the money spent on food in weddings. The menu is so long that most guests cannot even taste every dish, let alone finish the menu. It is also usually a mix of local and international food items. It is far better to have tasty yet limited menu than a lengthy ordinary one. Most guests remember a wedding by its food. You can have a simple menu that is finger licking good.

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