6 Foreign Honeymoon Destination Spots That Cost Less Than INR 50K

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Let’s talk about a foreign honeymoon destination today. So, where have you decided to go for some private time with your spouse? It’s probable that you would love a foreign getaway but the thought of spending so much money on just one trip is what’s probably putting you off. Well, then this article is a must-read for you because we have information on 6 foreign honeymoon destinations that cost less than Rs 50,000/- per person. Sounds too good to be true? Read on:

Singapore- This little island has gained prominence over the years for its wonderful street food, cleanliness, respect shown to culture and for a being a favourite tourist destination too. Did you know that there’s a whole area dedicated exclusively to all things Indian called Little India, here? From a view of the skyline at Grand Marina Bay to slurpy noodles in China Town and from a night safari to stretches of malls- Singapore has it all. We guarantee that you won’t want to say goodbye when it’s finally time to leave. Check this deal on Make My Trip.


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Batam Island- Batam is just one of those mini islands that belong to Indonesia and if all you want to do on your honeymoon is to rest and relax, then this island will help you do just that. You will be surrounded by sun, surf and great food all day long. Yes, now is the time to indulge in great sea-food (try their Tom Yum soup) and to get to know your spouse better. Batam also has plenty of adventure sports like go-karting and other water sports to keep you busy. Check out Batam romantic package deals here.

Bhutan- A foreign honeymoon destination that is still unexplored by many, Bhutan has such a unique culture. In fact, Bhutan rates the highest on the ‘happiness index’ and maybe the practice of Buddhism by many of the locals is one reason. We suggest visiting the temples here and indulging in local cuisine. Ever tried cheese made from yak’s milk? Well, now you can! Don’t forget to take your camera along because it’s not every day that you get a view of the Himalayas in the backdrop. Try this link here for Bhutan tour cost prices.


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Phi Phi Islands- These islands belong to Indonesia and have actually featured in movies. The reason why these islands have made it to our list of  top foreign honeymoon destinations below INR 50 K per person is not just the affordability, but you also get to see nature at her best. You need to travel by boat to get to the islands and you will see gorgeous cliffs rising out which give way to a thick jungle. The fact that some of these islands don’t even have paved roads tells you you’re in for a real laid-back vacation. Check our Phuket Krabi Phi Phi Island packages here.

Malacca- Malacca in Malaysia is an awesome foreign honeymoon destination to consider because of the manner in which the quaint and the modern converge together. Malacca was under Portuguese rule for a long time and one can see the many influences of that culture in the St Paul’s church and in other buildings here. Don’t forget to visit the Jonker Street in Chinatown which looks like a movie set from the seventies era and is famous for its night flea markets. In 2008, Malacca was declared a World Heritage site. Check out Bangkok Pattaya package cost here.


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 Sir Lanka- This foreign honeymoon destination probably has it all- World Heritage Sites, rainforests rich in biodiversity, beaches that have been featured in National Geographic, historic temples, traditions and cultures that are still alive, spicy lip smacking food and great shopping haunts. The people are very warm and hospitable and will ensure that your holiday is as perfect as you expect it to be. List a visit to Kandy on your itinerary too. Check out Sri Lanka tour costs from Mumbai here.

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