A 6 Month Beauty Regime To Get a Bridal Glow

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There’s something both coy and innocent about the bridal glow on a bride’s face as she says her wedding vows. That blush may be seen when she suddenly catches the eye of the groom, sees her own reflection in the mirror and marvels at how beautiful she looks or it could be one genuine happy moment that makes her eyes sparkle. Our grandmothers would say that a bride with a radiant bridal glow was healthy from within.

Skin experts these days can be found everywhere and many clinics that promise awesome skin as the wedding day draws near often sell different skin care packages to address a multitude of issues. As a bride to be, what should be your skin care countdown before your wedding day? First let’s address general skin related issues that brides all across India battle with- acne and skin pigmentation. Both these skin concerns can be tackled with a fibre rich diet with minimal intake of sugar and by following a proper skin care cleansing routine with products that suit ones skin. Basic skin cleansing treatments like exfoliation with a walnut scrub, using an alcohol free toner, washing one’s face with a salicylic based face wash and regular application of sunscreen are a few tips that can be practiced from today itself in the privacy of your home.

Here’s what your 6 month skin care regime to get the perfect bridal glow should look like:

6 Months Before The Wedding

  • Now is the time to visit a dietician for proper guidance on nutrition.
  • If losing weight on your priority list, you need to create an exercise plan for yourself.
  • If you have any nagging skin concerns like acne scars, skin lightening treatments should be ideally started now.
  • If you suffer from pcod which may result in hirsutism, then you must visit a dermatologist who can begin laser hair removal sessions immediately.
  • Now would be the right time to slow down your pace of work, to get more rest and let go of stress.

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3 Months Before The Wedding

  • A healthy intake of nutrients will show up in a good way on your skin and hair. So stock up on Omega 6 tablets, green tea and other health supplements.
  • Talk to your skin consultant about overnight serums that can be applied directly to the skin and which repair cells as you sleep.
  • Use hair care products like hair masks and hair serums regularly as well as a hair conditioner that smoothens your hair and leaves it soft.
  • We suggest visiting your regular beauty parlour for bridal facials at least once a month.

1 Month Before The Wedding

  • We suggest talking to your skin consultant about a body peel treatment which has been proven to be very effective in removing any tell take signs of pigmentation.
  • It’s time to swap your regular hair treatments for a professional deep cleansing Keratin therapy session which adds volume to your hair and slows down hair fall.
  • Do not experiment with any new facials or skin treatments unless you are 100% sure that you will not have any adverse reactions later.
  • Similarly, if you have been regularly undergoing laser hair removal treatments, stop them completely at least three weeks before the wedding so that any scars, burns or reactions can be treated on time.

Just by following this 6 month skin regime, you’ll have the kind of bridal glow you’ve always wanted, on the day when you get married!

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