5 Beauty Steps You Should Practice Today For Glowing Healthy Skin

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We all dream of luscious Cleopatra like skin but unless you spend time understanding your skin, what works for you and what just doesn’t; there’s a good chance that you could be plagued with skin problems even as you grow older. So, why are the twenties and early thirties considered the best age to actually begin a proper skin care routine? This is because hormones tend to go all over the place during the teenage years and by the time you hit twenty, your skin will be at its best before it begins to show signs of natural ageing over the next few years.

So, what are the few beauty steps you can take right now to ensure that glowing skin is forever yours even as you age?

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Have a Skin Care Routine

You need to understand your skin and promise not to get swayed by cosmetic brand ads featuring women who have perfect skin that seems to be out of reach. Besides just normal, dry and oily skin types there is also a combination skin type, acne prone skin type, sensitive skin type and even skin that changes texture through the day. Visiting a dermatologist will help you determine what kind of skin care treatment is best for you. Avoid using too many products and experimenting on your skin without consultation.

Cleanse- Tone- Moisturize

There’s a myth that women with oily skin shouldn’t moisturise because their skin is oily enough but that’s just a myth. There are products to suit all skin types and by following this age old practice of cleansing, toning and moisturising, you effectively give your skin the pampering and care it deserves.  Cleansing removes any impurities from you skin whereas toning helps to close any open pores and to remove excess oil. Moisturising ensures that your skin doesn’t become too dry but stays supple.

Hi To Sunscreen

We women love to apply our makeup ever so diligently but sunscreen doesn’t really figure in our list of makeup essentials. Just by applying sunscreen on the visible parts of your skin every day, you reduce your chances of skin discolouration and also minimise the possibility of getting skin cancer. This is one beauty step that’s a non-negotiable must. Should you go for sunscreen lotion or gel? Here’s the difference- gels get absorbed faster into the skin whereas creams tend to leave a white film on the skin after application. The higher the SPF, the better protected you will be from harmful UV rays.

Focus on Your Eyes and Neck

The skin under the eyes and on the neck are usually the first places where wrinkles and crow feet appear. This is because this area is mostly neglected and secondly, the skin just under the eyelids and on the neck also tends to be less elastic and really thin too. There are plenty of creams that are available commercially which have been formulated to address both these areas. This beauty step requires you to apply the under eye and neck cream at night so that your skin can soak in all the extra goodness.

Remove Makeup at Bedtime

You may have partied till the wee hours of the morning or maybe you’re just too tired to do anything, but sleeping with your makeup on is an absolute no-no.  Sleeping with your makeup on will cause more damage to your skin in the long run and is harmful because of the many ingredients that go into making all kinds of makeup. One beauty step that you can do each night unfailingly is to remove all traces of makeup on your skin by using a cotton ball soaked in baby oil or astringent.

We hope you enjoyed our article on beauty steps that you can put into practice today. Write in to us with your favourite beauty steps, we love hearing from you.

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