6 Simple Tips for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

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A woman’s wedding is said to be the most important event in her life. Whether you decide to have a simple celebration with the closest family and friends, or invite the whole neighborhood for the grandest affair, a bride should make it a top priority to ensure she’ll be the belle of the ball on her wedding ceremony.  We’ve outlined below some of our top recommendations for looking at your best on your big day. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Maintaining a balanced diet as soon as you get engaged is a good idea if you want to look the best for your wedding. Begin weighing your options and start to cut down on high calorie foods. You don’t need to skip them all at once, just keep in mind to consume things in moderation.

2. Exercise

If you really want to look your best physique when wearing your wedding gown, then hitting the gym might be your best option. Whether you hire a trainer or not, performing cardio exercises will get your heart rate up and help you shed off some weight together with a healthy diet. Mix up the routine and add in strength training that won’t add bulk to your body. You will want to target areas that you wish to look tighter or less pudgy so you can look your best when you tie the knot.

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3. Wear the right undergarments

Irrespective of whether you are wearing a lehenga or a sari, proper undergarments are needed for enhancing your wedding attire. A push up bra works well for large chests and also helps enhance smaller chests. It can help add additional support throughout the day and it can also give you an added boost.

4. Take care of your skin

A blushing bride always has silky smooth and glowing skin. Several months prior, begin a consistent skin care regime that works for you. That way, your guests will notice your youthful skin and ethereal aura when you walk into the room.

5. Select a good makeup artist and hair stylist

Your hair and make-up is a huge part of the wedding. There will be photographers and guests everywhere taking photos of you and your prince. Since Indian weddings usually span long hours, it’s important to check and see if your hair and make-up will stay put through a day of festivities. Be sure to do a run-through with your hair and makeup artists to ensure the style will hold throughout the day. Also, take into consideration the various looks that you want to have. Not only do weddings take up the entire day from morning to night, they can also extend from several days up to a week. Whether you want to keep changing up your hair and make up is completely up to you, but it’s important to make these decisions weeks ahead. That way, you’ll learn not only whether the salon can give you what you need, but also if the styles look good on you in your sari or lehenga.

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6. Get a Mani-Pedi

You will likely be getting mehendi drawn on your hands and legs and these intricate swirls and designs will surely be photographed a great deal. That is why it is essential to have beautiful hands and feet as well as neatly manicured nails. Book an appointment the same week for getting nails done or up to a month in advance if you wish to go for fancier gel nail treatments. We recommend the latter as they are easier to maintain and do not chip easily, if at all. In doing so, you’ll have beautiful hands and nails fit for a bride.


Everything else aside, it’s important to be really happy on your wedding day and your true radiance will shine from within. Life is truly beautiful, and with a husband to share it with, it only makes the experience so much more remarkable.

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