6 Skincare Basics For The Winter Brides

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The winter season means two things: a chill in the air and the start of the wedding season. And that also means that if you are going to be a winter bride then you ought to start taking care of your skin from now. For winter brides, the biggest challenge lies in dealing with dull and dry skin coupled with chapped lips and cracked heels. It is important to take measures to keep the skin properly dehydrated. Here we will give 6 easy solutions to take care of the skin for all winter brides.

6 Skincare Basics for the Winter Brides

1. Create a Seasonal Skincare Routine

Your usual skincare routine can do little help to your skin during winter. Switching to a new winter skincare routine is a must for winter brides-to-be. For officer-goers, this should be a priority as the dry weather outside causes more damage to the skin. To get a soft and glowing skin, change all your personal care products, from face wash, lip balm to body lotion and toner.

2. Check Your Diet

Diet can play a key factor in keeping your skin well-nourished during winter. So, improve your winter diet by including more nutrient-enrich food and fruits. Don’t forget to have food items which are high in Omega 3 (fatty fish like tuna and salmon, nuts and seeds, avocados etc.

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3.Drink more fluids

Winter is a season that sucks the moisture out of our skin. So you must drink lots of water (at least 2 to 3 litres of fluid intake is a must for winter brides). Have lots of fruit juice, green tea and lassis whenever possible. Make sure these do not contain too much sugar or sodium. Stay away from caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Limit your alcohol intake as it can dry up the skin.

4. Invest in a Good Moisturizer

This is even more important in winter. Do not skip the toning and moisturizing routine. Instead of using the alcohol-based toners, try something natural and homemade made using witch hazel, rosewater, Aloe Vera etc. Use a SPF based moisturizer during the day. If your skin is very dry, apply skin oils like Bio-Oil® which is non comedogenic and easily absorbed.

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5. Tips for Skincare at Night

No matter how tired you may be, never go to bed without removing all makeup and cleansing your face. Apply a good night cream. Alternatively, mix half cup of milk with 5 drops of vegetable oil in a bottle. Your winter cleanser is ready for dry skin types. For oily skin, try a mixture of rice powder with curd for deep cleansing the pores twice a week. To avoid pimples and keep the face moisturized, mix 100 ml of rose water with a spoon of glycerin, and use it as your night moisturizer.

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6. Some More Winter Skincare Tips

  • Aloe vera gel is also great to nourish dry skin. Apply aloe vera gel mixed with some honey on your face. After 20 mins, wash it off with plain water.
  • Do not give your daily exercise a miss. Practice yoga and meditation as well.
  • Do not stress. It can ruin all your winter skincare efforts.
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