7 Benefits Of Pre Marriage Counselling

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Pre marriage counselling is still in its nascent stage in India although it’s very popular in many other countries. Since, ours is a family oriented culture with family relationships at its core, most couples who are about to tie the knot receive the customary advice on life after marriage from friends, parents and relatives. Today however, going for pre marriage counselling sessions with an experienced therapist makes sense in a world that is only moving ahead at a very fast pace. Here are the 7 benefits of pre marriage counselling and why you should perhaps consider it, before tying the knot:


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It’s true that proper communication lies at the heart of any marriage, but most of the times, we are adept at communicating the right thoughts in the wrong way. Pre marriage counselling can teach you and your partner how to communicate and express the healthy way.

Share your Secrets

pre marriage counselling

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Everybody has a past and if there’s something that you feel you ought to talk to your partner about, then a counselling session is the right time to do that. Sometimes, just sharing your experiences good or bad can make you feel very relieved.

Talk about your Fears

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Your idea of marriage may not be the same for your partner and if you are concerned about the road that lies ahead, a pre marriage counselling session can help soothe your fears. For example, if you have concerns about changing jobs or moving from one place to another post marriage, now is the time to address it.

Discuss Possible Problems

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Does your partner have a job that involves plenty of travel or is it required for him to work on weekends? Most couples stumble on to such job or life requisites only after the vows have been said. If there are possible problems that could arise, talk openly about them.

Find Solutions

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Finding the right solutions to a problem that concerns both of you is undoubtedly hard but you’re more likely to arrive at a compromise or at a solution that benefits both of you when there’s a third party who listens and takes a neutral stand.

Talk about Finances

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Money isn’t the most comfortable of topics to bring up after marriage but if both of you are earning, then you need to discuss how expenses will be met and how savings will be made. Talking finances will give you both better clarity on what lies ahead.

Work on Any Issues Beforehand

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Once your counselling sessions are over, you both will be able to figure out what you have in common and what issues need to be addressed after marriage. Simply acknowledging this will help you both enjoy a happier married life.

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