Latest Wedding Trends Doing The Rounds This Season – Part 2

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Modern day weddings are high on fun, are unique and so memorable. Here are a few more wedding trends that we’ve noticed across the country:


Giving traditional vows a twist: A Hindu wedding conducted in the traditional manner usually lasts for over three hours. Although it is an emotional ceremony for the immediate family involved, the bored wedding guests may have an entirely different story to narrate. That could be one reason why many couples prefer to have a shorter wedding ceremony in which the pujari chants the most important mantras or in some cases, they prefer to do away with the pujari entirely! The idea is to keep the wedding guests interested in and also involved in the wedding ceremony without them feeling lost or left out. Christian newlyweds these days are writing their own vows too because it makes the ceremony even more special and also helps to start a lifelong commitment on a personal note of love and devotion. No doubt, this wedding trend is here to stay.


Counsellors & therapists: It’s not unusual for Christian couples to attend a 3 day pre- marriage counselling session at least a week before the actual wedding date itself. Experts believe that preparing such couples for the possible trials and obstacles that lie ahead in marriage helps them to withstand any rough weather later. The need for a better understanding about the solid partnership that is required to make any marriage work could be one reason why marriage therapy is no longer frowned upon. Sometimes, it makes sense to get expert insight on what truly makes a relationship tick and this advice can help couples stay grounded without getting swept away in the material grandeur of today’s weddings. This is one wedding trend that can help couples build a strong foundation before they say their wedding vows.


Wedding blogs & Websites: Earlier, wedding guests had to wait for D-Day to find out what the colour of the bridal saree was, the cuisine that would be served, the manner in which the wedding hall was decorated and so on. Today, brides and grooms put out all these details and more on personal wedding blogs as well as on customized wedding websites. Now all that guests have to do if they want to RSVP or check out the latest wedding updates is simply to click on the respective links. Tips on beauty treatments, the latest trends in wedding wear and even who the personal stylist of the bride is- these are just a few of the details that are put up for near and dear ones to read.


We’ll be back soon with the third article on the latest wedding trends next week, so see you soon!

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