7 Things That Always Happen at Indian Weddings

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India is famous for a lot of things, from our rich heritage to cultural diversities to food, clothes, Yoga, IT industry and so on. But, when things come to the big fat Indian weddings, the scenario is completely different .While no one can deny the grandeur of the typical Indian wedding, there are also things which are only limited to these celebrations. We can safely say that these traditions or trends are yet to be found anywhere else on this planet. Here are 7 such events which, no matter how modern we get, will always be seen at Indian weddings –

1. Twenty people enjoying siesta crammed in one room

Well, we are habituated sharing the seat for 2 with 4 or more people in public transports ever since our childhood. Big deal! But, still…

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2. Last minute rushes

From safety pins, clips to makeup items, wedding garlands, puja thali, you just name it! In fact, if there were awards for misplacing items and then finding that in the last moment, we would have already made a world record in that.

3. Stealing the groom’s shoes

The very birth right of every sister-in-law to steal the wedding shoe of the groom and make him ‘pay’ for it, literally. And, there’s no act against this “heinous trick” (as often considered by the groom and co.)

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4. Meeting your entire family and family members you never knew existed

The worst part is that this introduction session means the backbreaking task of touching feet of everybody of your family that can easily form a zilla i.e.  a district.

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5. Food, food and food.

And, most of the guests have actually come for the food only. The only place they can be seen is near the buffet or in the dinner table.

6. Instant match-making

Yes, because nowhere in the world you can see this amazingly talented group of aunts who will instantly find and fix matches for all the unmarried guys and girls present there. So, before you know it, your wedding date has been fixed already.

7. And, finally, the bidaai

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When it takes real nerves to check emotions. Only in India, the whole family will be in tears after the end of all the fun and masti.

We hope you enjoyed this dramatic take on things that can be only seen in an Indian wedding. Comment below!

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