7 Wedding Accessories Rules A Bride Should Know About

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Wedding accessories can either make a bridal look or break it. While it’s easy to go over the top and grab the first designer necklace that you spot at a retail jewellery store, it’s much more difficult to pick the perfect wedding accessories that make you and your dress look good. Striking a pose of elegance really isn’t that simple but it isn’t all that tough either! We break down a few rules that you should remember when picking up your wedding accessories for the Big Day:

If jewellery isn’t your thing, then there is absolutely no harm in going with just one signature piece around your neck. In fact, that’s the option that most modern brides prefer to go with and moreover, it’s also classy to wear a heirloom piece that means something to you. It could be a gift from your grandparents or a piece of jewellery that’s been in your family for generations- but wear it with pride!

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Some brides want an all-out look and if you fall in that category, then we suggest looking at your wedding accessories as a serious investment that will last you for years. If you want a necklace set or even a pair of ear-rings to be that one statement piece that everybody notices about you, then keep the rest of your ensemble simple or the overall effect will be just too gaudy to take in.

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Long hair and Indian girls go almost hand in hand but so what if you have always loved your blunt cut or wearing your hair even shorter? There’s no rule that says that brides with pixie or tomboy cuts can’t look glam on their special day. We suggest picking up cute hairclips with crystal stones, a tiara or even using colourful hair pieces as long as they make you look and feel good.

We’re yet to meet a lady who doesn’t like shoes! Shoes, believe it or not, are just as important a wedding accessory as the crystal bracelet you’re planning to wear on your special day. Wear footwear that keeps your feet smiling and yet which stands out. Avoid going for shoes or sandals that are the same colour as your ensemble.

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It’s great if you’ve decided to have your wedding reception in a hall that keeps you and your guests protected from the elements, but if you’re planning to have a wedding that’s being held outdoors- don’t forget to dress up keeping the weather in mind. If it’s cold, go for a wrap or a shrug that looks feminine and which will keep you warm. The last thing you’d want is to catch a cold!

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Get inspired by real bridal looks on our website and put together a look that brings out the best of your personality. Don’t get too carried away by trends as what’s in fashion may not necessarily suit you. We suggest experimenting around with a few wedding accessories before settling on the ones that you will eventually wear.

Planned a wedding theme already? Then why not try and see if you can wear your wedding accessories accordingly. For example, a Mughal inspired wedding theme would mean plenty of heavy jewellery, hair ornaments and finger rings.

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