9 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

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Who doesn’t want their wedding to be perfect starting from the very beginning to its grand ending? As much as the colour of the lehenga, the intricate mehendi, and foot-tapping music is important; the venue has the ultimate power to lift it all up and put everything in a beautiful manner- much like the proverbial cherry on the cake that everybody loves. So today we have some tips from an expert wedding planner which will help you to get everything you have ever wanted in that picture perfect wedding as far as your wedding venue goes. 

1. Make a detailed plan-Talk to a wedding planner

The very first step is to pen down everything that you want from your venue for each day. Decide on the time, the way you want it to look, the extra possibilities and so on. Keep a notebook for these entries and cross them out as you achieve these objectives. Talk to a Wedding Planner and hand it over to give the person a clear idea about your requirements.

2. Decide the budget

Sit with your fiancé and decide how much you would like to spend in order to fulfill your vision. Consider all possibilities, decide on emergency funds and pen down the estimation of every single detail. Prioritize things and leave a small room for last minute expenses.

tips for finding the perfect wedding venue

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3. List the number of guests

State a rough estimate of how many guests will be there and prepare yourself to accept any last minute R.S.V.Ps. The decision of the venue will mainly depend on the number of guests and whether that venue has the scope to accommodate extra people. If not, it should at least allow other options.

4. Check its availability

Check with the venue if it is available for the date that you have in your mind. If you are open with any other date, then you will have a wider choice, but if the date is already fixed, the chances of either compromising or adjusting is high, unless you turn out to be quite lucky.

5. Tour the venue

Take a tour of the venue and its surroundings. Find out what it has to offer on the outside and inside. Sit down and think whether you are happy with its location, the view, the area and its aura. Ask if the location is easily accessible, whether it will provide all the basic amenities like parking, easy approach road, extra rooms, electricity, water supply, room service, etc.

how to find the best Indian wedding Venues

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6. Check climatic conditions

You need to have the knowledge about the weather and how the conditions are going to be around the time you are planning on having your big day. The weather will have a major role to play when you are planning to have your wedding outdoors. You need to see whether your venue has the space to fit the guests if the weather changes suddenly.

7. Be mindful of guests experience

Keep in mind your guests experience. As much as it is about you being happy, the choice of venue also has a lot to do with the happiness of your guests. Leave no chance to make them feel special and wanted, enjoy every minute of their presence and give them something worth remembering and talking for nearly a lifetime. Good wishes come straight from the heart and it’s all related to the way one feels. These are the things that really matter.

8. Understand venue policies

Always take out time specially for reviewing the policies in order to eliminate chances of mistakes or last minute confusion. Be at peace while reviewing the policies of the venue. See what the entire venue has to offer and read about their rules and restrictions. Know about the time deadline, the expectations they have from you and delegate upon the scope of some win-win situation for the things you don’t agree.

9. Put your needs in the forefront

Consider your personality, wishes, and your uniqueness as a couple. Let the venue, decorations, theme and everything making up that day justify you and your partner. People should feel connected and you and your partner should feel the ultimate sense of belonging. The presence of the things that make you up will give you all the good vibes, make you feel at home and will give a feeling that everything is happening for good.

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This guest post was contributed by Priyul, an aspiring writer and Film and TV producer/director. She has written several articles in local youth magazines, interned with Zee News Rajasthan, and has contributed to college magazines representing her department. Priyul is presently working as a staff writer with Kerala Wedding Planners, Giri Nagar Kochi.

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