How To Choose Your Wedding Venue: Its All About the location!

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It is a fairly common practice today to host the different wedding ceremonies in different locations. For example, even if the wedding is a day-long affair, couples get married in a temple, but have their wedding reception in a hotel or a wedding banquet hall. Whatever the wedding venue or location you choose; it is important that it accommodates all your needs.  If possible, try to have all the ceremonies in one location. Not only is this a greener practice that is better for the environment; it can also help you save money (owing to lower transportation costs, fewer site fees and so on).

Factors to consider when choosing your wedding venue and location


What is the most important thing for you as far as your wedding venue is concerned: is it the cost, the beauty of the place, the size or the convenience? The chosen location should also reflect your personality rather than simply trying to mimic a Bollywood shaadi. The following questions can help you in the process of selecting your wedding venue:

  1. What really matters to you and your guests?
  2. What kind of space can support the type of celebration you want?
  3. Distance: Is the venue close to the airport, railway station or the place where your guests are staying? Is it practical for them to drive down or travel to?
  4. Does the venue offer convenient parking?
  5. Weather- If it is an outdoor/garden wedding, do you have an alternative plan in case of rain or bad weather?

Wedding venue options


There are many options today as far as wedding venues are concerned:

  • All inclusive venues– These specialize in wedding package deals like decorations, food, priest, flowers, etc.
  • Banquet halls and hotels
  • Historic forts, palaces,
  • Parks and gardens
  • Houses of worship– temples, Gurdwaras, churches which have halls, seating arrangements and other amenities.
  • Destination wedding venues

Wedding venue: Which part of the country/abroad?


When choosing your wedding venue, think about the guests who will be attending it. This way, you can choose a location closer and convenient to all. In case of a large family, try to arrange the wedding in your native place( or the place where you grew up or where majority of the guests are living).

If you want your friends and colleagues to attend, then it is sensible to have the wedding in your current city. In majority of the Indian weddings, the bride’s father hosts the wedding which is then usually held in her resident city. Things are changing though, as more and more couples are choosing convenient places as well as destination wedding venues for their big day.

When you plan a local wedding, the advantages are that you will have more friends and family members to help you execute the big day. You will also be supporting the local businesses and boosting the economy of the region.

The bottom-line is: pick a location that is suitable to all as it will increase the attendance rate. It will also lower the carbon footprint by reducing travel time and transportation costs.


Choosing a destination wedding venue


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Many couples in India today, are planning destination weddings in exotic locations. These are fun, but they can also be expensive. Fewer family members and friends will be likely to attend since the travel costs and travel time tend to deter people. If, despite knowing this, you still have your heart set on a destination wedding, do research the location carefully.  If needed, hire a local event/wedding planner who can recommend the right local vendors who can give you a memorable time during the celebrations.


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