Ask The Experts: Bridal Lingerie Questions Answered by Zivame

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Experts from leading Indian bridal lingerie company answer queries related to bridal innerwear basics.
  • When is the best time to buy bridal lingerie/innerwear before the wedding- How many days in advance? 

If the bride-to-be is planning on losing weight then the best time to buy bridal lingerie would be a week/week and a half before the wedding. If the bride needs to buy bridal lingerie well ahead of time, then she should keep in mind that the lingerie she buys should have multiple back hooks, so that she can tighten or loosen it as and when it is required. Alternatively she should also have a couple of extenders in case her size increases a tad bit.

  • What are the trends in modern Indian bridal lingerie?

More and more Indian women are experimenting with their innerwear. No longer are they being held by the shackles of boring and plain bridal lingerie. Lingerie in bright and off beat colours and prints are a hit with younger women, while lacy lingerie in sensuous colours is preferred by brides to be. Women are also gravitating towards different lingerie shapes and fits. While the push-up bra remains an all-time hit, the demi cup bra, the balconette bra, and the strapless bra are slowly making their way into a woman’s intimate wardrobe.

  • Any advice for plus-sized brides as to what will look good and what to stay away from?

It’s a popular myth with full figured women that the tighter the bra, the better the control. They are doing a disservice to themselves. They should find out what their measurements are and only buy bras that are made specifically for their measurements. Minimiser bras, no back bulge bras, seamless underwear and shape wear are perfect if the wedding attire is snug.

  •  Question from a groom to be: what can I gift my fiancé in lingerie? Any suggestions?

One should keep in mind the comfort of one’s bride-to-be. You might like one thing, but it might not necessarily be comfortable for her. Also the colours- red was considered the only flattering colour in lingerie, but gone are those days. Today there are many colours that fit that bill. One can also keep the colours toned down instead of only opting for the bright and bold shades. The main thing is to must keep it classy while bearing in mind the  body shape of the person who would be wearing the lingerie .

  •  Is lingerie a good gift to give at a bridal shower?

Lingerie is, in fact, a very thoughtful gift. It’s a popular gift choice during a bridal shower. Be it your friend, or your sister, or your aunt who is getting married, do your research before gifting lingerie. Find out the brides body type and bra size and colour choices so that you can gift a fitting pair. Although some women tend to take the scandalous route and gift the bride naughty lingerie, it’s not advisable because in the long run that pair is going to render itself useless to the bride.

  • How often should I wash my expensive bridal lingerie?

(Ideally you should dry clean it.) Read the washing instructions that comes with your lingerie, carefully. Alternatively, if you want to wash them in the washing machine, make sure the bra is hooked together to avoid tangling or hooking onto other clothing. It is always a good idea to put bras in a lingerie bag to keep them separate. Wash on delicate cycle in cool water with gentle detergent. Dry them on a clothes line, and not in a dryer. Do not wring them


  • Are there any tips for small busted women for buying the right bridal lingerie for a fuller look especially when wearing deep/low necked lehengas and cholis?

For those with a smaller bust, a padded push up bra is the best solution. It gives the wearer a much needed fuller appearance. The more skin they show, the bigger their bust will look. A balconnette bra that covers three-quarters or a demi cup bra that provides half coverage are the go-to options for low necked attire. If the choli neck is too deep then deep plunge bras should be worn.

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