3 Off-Beat Mehendi Night Ideas

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Picture a typical mehendi evening: The bride is sitting applying her mehendi. Guests walk up to her and make small talk. Later the guests are seen forming their own groups and chit chatting with nothing else to do. There is some music playing in the background. At some places, there may be mehendi booths for the other guests as well. Their mehendi takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes and thus they are back in their groups chatting away.

As the bride and host of such an important ceremony of your wedding, it is your responsibility to keep the guests entertained. Mehendi evenings are a time for fun and frolic. But the bride is busy with her mehendi and hence it is necessary to plan this evening and the going about in advance. We have some interesting and off-beat mehendi night ideas to make the event more happening.

1) Hire an entertainer

You can hire a DJ and give him a playlist of mehendi songs. This will encourage the guests to dance the night away and enjoy each and every moment .The specially selected playlist will ensure that the mehendi isn’t the only focus of the evening. You can use the following list of songs for inspiration:

Mehendi Night Ideas

  • Mehendi laga ke rakhna – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
  • Mehendi hai rachnewali – Zubeida
  • Mehendi ki raat aai mehendi ki raat – Jana hai Bollywood (Private Album)
  • Mujhe sajan ke ghar jana hai – Lajja
  • Mehndi mehndi – Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
  • Gore gore haathon mein mehndi rachake- Parineeta
  • Mainei mai munder pe teri – Hum Aapke Hai Kaun
  • Mehndi hai rachi mere haathon main- Tumko Na Bhool Payenge
  • Mujhe rang de – Thakshak
  • Mere haathon mе nau nau chudiyan hai – Chandni

2) Play interesting party games

Other than the DJ you can arrange for interesting party games. Considering that the mehendi ceremony will be a female oriented function, you could play games like fish pond, Tambola or Housie. To avoid unpleasant comments, you might want to have a theme such as ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Best dancer’, ‘Favourite Accessory’, etc. As a variation of this game, you could make chits with different activities written on each. Whichever chit the guests pick, they will have to perform the task mentioned in it. You might want to skip the usual ‘sing a song’, ‘dance’ act and add interesting and fun ideas such as ‘tell a fond memory about the bride’, ‘the one thing you know about the bride that nobody else knows’, or ‘recollect your first meeting with the bride’, etc.

You can also play tambola or housie as it is popularly called. It may be an age-old game but has still not lost its charm. Like any other party, you could include some gifts for winners. A typical tambola game will last at least 45 minutes. The time frame varies according to the number of players. The person conducting the game can make it more interesting by adding some anecdotes about the bride and her family.

Mehendi Night Ideas

3) Dress-the-model game

Another great idea is to sort the guests in groups. Have chits made of animal names in equal number. The groups have to find their fellow team mates. Once these teams are formed, ask them to choose a model. Give each group a stack of old newspapers, stapler, bobby pins and a pair of scissors. Each group has to dress the model. The bride gets to choose the winner.

Tips to make things more interesting

Once you’ve decided and planned the evening, try to  delegate different tasks to responsible and trustworthy relatives and friends. These friends and relatives can then carry out the programme with ease thanks to careful and detailed planning.

You can also book professional entertainers who have a whole bunch of ideas to keep guests entertained and busy. This will let you relax and enjoy the evening while the entertainers spin their magic. Seeing your plans take shape has its own charm. The choice is yours. Refer to your schedule and check out how much time you have left for this planning and execution.

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