How Not To Become A Bridezilla- Part 4

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In our last article on how not to become a bridezilla, we stressed on including and involving the person you are getting ready to marry, in your wedding planning as well. Why would a guy be interested in discussing wedding decor fabric or whether roses go well with carnations in a bouquet, you may ask. We say that your partner just may surprise you!


Listen To Your Fiancés Opinions- The wedding is without doubt a BIG DAY for you, but don’t forget that it’s just as big a day for your fiancé as well. Bridezillas often make the mistake of assuming that their respective fiancés can’t tell the difference between a Merlot and a Shiraz but we are willing to bet that your fiancé is just waiting to be asked for his opinions as well. And why not, because he wants to feel like he too is a part of the wedding. Most brides view the wedding day as a one person project but if you are willing to see the wedding planning days as the best ones which allow you both to bond and work on something together, then we think a smart bride wouldn’t think twice about asking her fiancé for wedding suggestions. You may in for a sweet surprise too!


Do Not Neglect Your Fiancé- A common complaint that comes from would- be bridegrooms is that their respective partners are practically unavailable till the wedding day finally arrives. If you are planning for the wedding at full speed and taking care of the details without help from your partner, it is understood that you will be really busy keeping appointments, meeting vendors and so on. But through it all, make some time to talk to your fiancé on the phone or to meet up for a cuppa, to catch a movie together or for a nice romantic dinner date. Meeting your fiancé is a great way to keep him posted about how the preparations are going, take his suggestions and most importantly, make him feel loved and cherished. Don’t think only about yourself, the way a bridezilla would.


Family Emotions Do Matter- Bridezillas places their emotions above everybody else’s and can often appear cruel and insensitive to the emotions that immediate family members go through as they deal with the stress and strain of hosting a wedding. Just as you go through your own emotional bouts of excitement, anxiety and happiness as the wedding date draws nearer, so do your immediate family and not to forget your fiancé’s family as well. It is important to stay calm and to respect the emotions of people around you because temperaments are likely to run very high as the wedding day nears. Taking the considerations and suggestions of your fiancé’s family at the wedding planning stage will make them feel respected and important.


We hope you enjoyed reading our articles on bridezillas and how you can get through your wedding day without ever becoming one. DO share your ideas and suggestions with us because we love to connect with our readers.

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